Carestream Showcases Artificial Intelligence Innovation at RSNA 2021

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 27 — Carestream Health will highlight the imaging and workflow value of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical imaging at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference starting on Nov. 28, 2021.

Carestream’s AI features are powered by Eclipse—the engine behind the company’s cutting-edge imaging software platforms—that uses proprietary algorithms and AI to amplify the value of the entire imaging chain. The company’s Imaging and Workflow Intelligence solutions help improve image clarity, optimize dose and increase workflow efficiency.

“Carestream is applying AI to add value across the entire imaging chain—from capture to diagnosis,” said Jill Hamman, Worldwide Marketing Manager, Global X-ray Solutions at Carestream. “The features we are showing at RSNA can be put to work today in imaging facilities to deliver gains in image quality and efficiency, which in turn lead to a higher standard of care for patients.”

At RSNA 2021, Carestream will spotlight Imaging Intelligence and Workflow Intelligence with the following AI-driven innovations:

  • Smart Noise Cancellation (SNC): SNC is an optional software feature that provides improved anatomical clarity, preservation of fine detail and better contrast-to-noise ratio for images acquired at a broad range of exposures. Available on DRX-Evolution and DRX-Evolution Plus systems, SNC enables customers to lower radiation dose without loss in image quality when compared to our standard image processing. This is especially important in neonatal and pediatric imaging, where imaging at the lowest possible dose is critical. Objective testing demonstrated that SNC processing enables a 2x-4x noise reduction in flat image areas, preserves high frequency sharpness and improves contrast detail.
  • Smart Room: Carestream’s Smart Room options offer faster, more efficient exams and enhanced workflow, and are available on the DRX-Compass and DRX-Evolution Plus systems. Smart Rooms reduce repeats through automated equipment positioning, patient and pose verification as well as automated collimation. Automated positioning and exposure settings provide uniform protocols for similar exam types, improving image consistency and diagnoses. Additionally, radiation dose can be optimized through automated technique selection based on patient size.

“Providing high-quality images and increasing diagnostic confidence are key goals at Carestream,” Ms. Hamman said. “We are committed to improving radiology workflow and enriching patient care.”

To learn more about AI and Smart Room features, stop by Carestream booth #7316 in North Hall during RSNA 2021.