DRX - Compass Room

X-ray Rooms

Our scalable equipment design and modular components mean high performance today, along with easy, affordable upgrades for years to come.



Navigate New Directions in Performance.

Just as a compass always points North, the CARESTREAM DRX-Compass X-ray System points the way to a successful future. It has just the right selection of advanced features and options to take your workflow to a new level of efficiency – it will meet your most pressing needs in the present, and provide a clear expansion pathway for the future.

DRX-Evolution Plus System

See X-ray Imaging in a Dramatic New Light.

Since its introduction, our flagship DRX-Evolution Plus has set a benchmark for X-ray room imaging performance. Today, it still offers modular design to fit your individual space, workflow and budget. But at Carestream, imaging innovation is not a goal – it’s an ongoing process. We've continually added features to keep the Evolution Plus on the leading edge.

X-ray Rooms

DRX-Excel Plus System

Fluoroscopy and Radiology – Combined!

Designed specifically optimized for large and mid-size hospitals and medical centers this system combines fluoroscopy and general radiology capabilities in one compact unit. It delivers accelerated workflow, high-resolution images and a wide range of exams. The system is also available in a choice of two models to match your needs and workflow.

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