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QE Gateshead Goes Fully Digital With Carestream

July 07,2017

All of the systems selected by QE Gateshead belong to Carestream’s DRX family of digital radiology systems. The same wireless detector can work seamlessly across each item of equipment in the DRX family.

Carestream Supports DMCI With New Cloud-based Service

June 02,2017

Carestream’s solution offers business continuity and disaster recovery by using synced primary and secondary data centres. The business analytics capabilities it incorporates will give DMCI a real-time view of how its business is performing.

Big Local PACS Win for Carestream Health

May 12,2017

Carestream’s Vue PACS will provide enterprise-wide review, data management, distribution and archiving. From a single workspace, physicians and radiologists can access the clinical tools and applications they need for convenient local and remote reporting.

Colorado Hospital Upgrades X-ray Systems to Enhance Care For Residents, Tourists

April 19,2017

This critical access hospital is just minutes from the main entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, where more than 4 million visitors a year from around the world visit. The hospital treats patients for altitude sickness, hiking accidents and lightning strikes as well as heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms and a variety of conditions and diseases.

Supporting Occupational Health Care on the Move

March 10,2017

To enable on-site delivery of its mobile chest X-ray service, Industrial Diagnostics Company purchased a CARESTREAM DRX 1 Transportable System / Field Portable as well as a CARESTREAM Vue PACS with native reporting.