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X-OMAT LE+ Developer and Replenisher

Advanced X-OMAT LE+ Developer for T-GRAIN Emulsion Films Reduces Odor and Waste
X-OMAT LE+ developer and replenisher is easier on the environment, easier to use, and easier to mix than other developers. It is designed for standard and rapid processing with T-Grain emulsion films.

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X-OMAT LE+ Developer and Replenisher applications: 

  • X-SIGHT films and T-MAT films for general radiography 
  • IN SIGHT films for application-specific imaging
  • Digital Science films for laser imaging 
  • EC films for oncology

Yields excellent images with consistent results from film to film. 

Easier to use and mix.
No starter solution required, just one concentrate and water for fast, easy mixing. Reduced odor. Excellent stability reduces processing downtime with sensitometry changes.

Easier on the environment.
Gluteraldehyde-free formulation. Lower replenishment requirement reduces processing effluent and packing waste.


Available Sizes