Carestream Spotlights Expanded Imaging Portfolio at ECR 2023

Proven Imaging Technology Leader Unveils New Ideas That Clearly Work

VIENNA, Feb. 21 — Carestream Health will showcase innovative, voice-of-customer-informed medical imaging technologies at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR). The company will spotlight new and existing solutions that help improve image capture and processing, boost provider workflow, drive efficiencies and enhance patient care and experience. ECR, the largest radiology meeting in Europe, begins March 1 in Vienna.

“Our growing portfolio of industry-leading medical imaging solutions is built on a deep foundation of scientific research, complemented by listening to our customers’ challenges, objectives and feedback,” said Brian Calderbank, Global Marketing Director at Carestream. “These insights guide our ongoing efforts to develop and deliver solutions that improve clinical outcomes, streamline imaging workflow and lower costs—with quantifiable benefits for providers and patients alike.”

Carestream’s medical imaging solutions highlighted at ECR 2023 will include:

  • DRX-Evolution Plus System, Carestream’s premium X-ray room that offers new features for enhanced patient comfort and workflow, including a flat tabletop that allows patients to be moved more comfortably and easily to the X-ray table. Additionally, a new rotation tray lets technicians change the detector orientation within the table bucky—eliminating the need to place the detector directly beneath the patient’s body—saving radiographers time and reducing the risk of dropping the detector.
  • DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System, a powerful, portable “X-ray Room on Wheels” with features that help streamline and improve the radiographer’s workflow as well as enhance patient comfort. The features include a collapsible column that allows unobstructed views for improved visibility; and quieter brakes and drive motors.
  • An expanded family of DR Detectors, with two new 100-micron pixel pitch detectors designed to provide optimal image quality at an affordable cost. The Focus HD 35 and Focus HD 43 detectors offer high resolution and definition for improved image quality, and a Cesium (CsI) scintillator that is ideal for dose-sensitive pediatric patients. The Lux 35 Detector, an ergonomic, lightweight, glass-free wireless CsI detector, offers superb resolution, better detail and a reduced exposure dose as compared to gadolinium (GoS) detectors.
  • DRX-LC Detector, the company’s next generation detector for long-length imaging exams. This detector captures long-bone and spine images with a single exposure, making it ideal for pediatric imaging as there is no need to manipulate and stitch images due to patient movement. The detector features the X-Factor and can be shared with DRX rooms, mobiles and retrofit systems.
  • ImageView Software, powered by Eclipse, for unrivaled image-processing capabilities. The engine behind Carestream’s cutting-edge imaging software platform, Eclipse uses proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to amplify the value of the entire imaging chain. Carestream’s Imaging and Workflow Intelligence solutions help improve image clarity and quality, optimize dose and increase workflow efficiency.

Carestream will livestream a tour of its booth at ECR on March 2 at 12:30 CET. Viewers can watch by clicking on this link at the appointed time.

“From richly featured X-ray rooms to revolutionary mobile imaging solutions, and from a broad array of detectors to AI-powered imaging software, our comprehensive portfolio of solutions helps deliver superb patient care while giving facilities flexibility to find the optimum solution that meets their specific workflow and budget requirements,” Mr. Calderbank added.

To learn more about Carestream’s advanced diagnostic imaging technologies, stop by the Carestream stand #220 in Expo X2 during ECR 2023.

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