Carestream Unveils New Features to Improve Workflow, Patient Comfort with DRX-Evolution Plus

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Aug. 25 — Carestream Health has enhanced its premium X-ray system, the DRX-Evolution Plus. New features—designed to benefit radiology professionals and patients—help augment workflow and increase patient comfort.

“Radiology professionals worldwide capture complex patient diagnostic imaging exams with our powerful DRX-Evolution Plus,” said Jing Chu, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager at Carestream. “The latest iteration of this exceptional DR room brings new features to accommodate patients of varying sizes, while performing X-ray exams faster and with ease.”

The DRX-Evolution Plus (see video link) now features a smaller tube head profile with a larger display, helping radiographers conduct exams with greater visibility. An extended tube-column offers greater flexibility and can accommodate sites with high ceilings.

An upgraded tabletop has more range, making it easier and more comfortable for patients to undergo an exam. Functional LED lighting has been added in several locations—changing colors as a patient exam progresses—enabling radiographers to easily monitor the exam process from patient positioning through image capture.

Optional Smart Room features for the enhanced DRX-Evolution Plus include Smart Position, Smart Technique and Smart Collimation to further streamline processes, support radiographer productivity and enhance patient care. Imaging facilities also can add Smart Noise Cancellation, an image processing option of Carestream’s ImageView Software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help reduce noise in an image.

Since its launch, the CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution Plus has set a benchmark for X-ray room imaging performance. This versatile DR system offers a modular design to fit spaces, workflows and budgets; and superb image quality to support accurate diagnoses. It also provides a choice of a fully motorized or manual operation and mitigates technology obsolescence by growing with a facility’s needs.


Additional updated features include:

  • A refreshed industrial design
  • Handheld remote control for the tube head and wall stand, and
  • An enhanced tabletop that supports up to 320 kg or 705 lbs. with extended range.

Designed for the high-volume imaging needs of large hospitals, clinics and urgent care centers, the DRX-Evolution Plus features Carestream’s ImageView Software powered by Eclipse, the engine behind the company’s cutting-edge imaging software platforms.

In addition, Carestream’s DRX Plus and Lux 35 detectors feature the X-Factor design, which means they can be shared with other compatible DRX equipment.