Carestream NDT Enhances Industrex Imaging Software

Rochester NY, September 23 – Carestream NDT launches Industrex v4.2 Sp1 our most powerful imaging software ever designed to enhance the award winning HPX-PRO & HPX-1 CR systems with improved image management, increased productivity and our latest Lite customer viewing software.

Customer Focused
Working in rugged, remote environments where productivity is paramount requires equipment that is not only built for the job but that can keep up with the task. Carestream is pleased to launch Industrex v4.2 Sp1, our most powerful imaging software. This version boasts improvements to our user interface including the ability to manage images faster. The expanded “Image Reorder” tool allows users to quickly and easily move an image from one storage location to another without disrupting any of the DICONDE protocol. This is particularly practical on pipeline work when the images might come back inadvertently out of order. Toolbar configurations can now be replicated from one system to another to standardize an entire fleet of inspection systems.

Industrex v4.2 Sp1 also includes our most advanced version of Lite software that can be given to end users for image viewing. This software newest version is designed to run on a wide range of systems, including many different computers with older operating systems. Users can run the software directly from the media (CD or drive) or it can be installed on their PC. The goal is to be the most user friendly viewing software in the industry.

Built to Perform
Industrex v4.2 Sp1 software improvements will be made available for both the HPX-PRO and HPX-1 CR product lines. Users can still operate either unit in the conventional Windows based file format or in JobSetup mode for high productivity and DICONDE compliance. As an example, on high production jobs such as pipeline inspection the HPX-PRO is designed to process a weld a minute when using (3x) 5 2/3” plates. Improved imaging tools allow for rapid image analysis and customized reporting in seconds using the single click image interpretation.

The most recent software version can still produce customized multi-line or single shot-style reports in a matter of seconds. When creating the work report, users simply select the welds to be included and click “create report.” There is no need to transpose data and concerns about making mistakes are minimized while time to create reports is also compressed.

“The Industrex 4.2 software launched in conjunction with the HPX-Pro and has garnered many industry awards based upon its customer focused development and customer acceptance. The team has continued this process to drive enhancements to the Industrex software platform,” said Martin Graen, Carestream’s Worldwide General Manager for Non-Destructive Testing Solutions. “This software adds even more value to our products that have seen dramatic sales growth in the past years. Carestream NDT continues to invest in new products so our customers can provide the highest quality imaging while improving their overall productivity.”

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