Carestream Signage

There are do’s and don'ts regarding our signage design, but the main branding directive is this: keep it clean and simple, yet bold. For maximum impact follow these guidelines when developing building and vehicle signage.


Vertical or Stacked Orientation

Do not rotate the Masterbrand Mark vertically or stack the letters in the logo.


Primary Signage

The use of an ORANGE background adds strong brand recognition and optimal visibility. Allow proper clear space around the Masterbrand Mark.


Dimensional Signage

Chrome or flat-painted metal dimensional lettering is within Guideline standards, as long as the sign features the approved Masterbrand Mark artwork.


Secondary Signage

Create strong contrast between the Masterbrand Mark and the signage background color. At times, our Carestream colors may not be included in the color palette of a building’s managment group. Other colors may be employed, but be sure to use the Masterbrand Mark.


Clear Space

To create maximum visual impact for the Masterbrand Mark, always maintain the correct clear space around it.


Vehicle Graphics

It’s important that the vehicle is clearly marked SECURITY, and include the Masterbrand Mark AND an emergency contact number. The base vehicle color should be white, with the logo in CARESTREAM ORANGE.

Carestream Signage