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EV Screens

EV 150 and 190 Screens have improved phosphor and coating structures to deliver more detail and greater sharpness than equivalent MIN-R 2000 and 2190 mammography screens. EV Screens work with MIN-R EV Film to provide unprecedented image quality for enhanced visualization and easier detection of abnormalities in breast cancer detection. Available mounted only in MIN-R 2 Cassettes and in two screen/speed options to fit your needs.

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Improved Screens
Improved phosphor and coating structures in MIN-R EV Screens deliver even better MTF, more light, and higher brightness than MIN-R 2000 and MIN-R 2190 Screens.

Two Screen/Speed Options

  • MIN-R 2 Cassette with MIN-R EV 150 Screen for superb image quality and lower noise.
  • MIN-R 2 Cassette with MIN-R EV 190 Screen for superb image quality and lower dose.