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Most Popular Radiology Topics in 2021

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A review of the most-read blogs on Everything Rad in 2021.

What were the most popular radiology topics covered in Everything Rad in 2021? Artificial intelligence topped the list, followed by the future of medical imaging. Close behind are blogs about innovations in X-ray equipment, and imaging during COVID. Blogs about the impact of empowered patients are also among the 10 most popular blogs published on Everything Rad in 2021. Dive in a little deeper in the summaries below.

An image listing some of the top topics in radiology include AI, COVID imaging and patient satisfaction.
AI, new equipment innovations, and COVID’s impact on medical imaging are among the top topics in radiology in 2021.

AI applications in radiology – that you can put to work today.

The potential to apply artificial intelligence applications to radiology has generated strong interest for several years. But in 2021, readers were most interested in our blogs about AI applications that you can put to work today to help improve image quality and productivity. These 3 blogs are among the most read blogs on Everything Rad.

Smart Noise Cancellation

Applying AI in Radiology to Optimize Workflow

AI Features in Radiology to Adopt Today

The future of medical imaging.

Our blog on Key Trends Shaping the Future of Radiology ranks second on our list of the most popular blogs in medical imaging in 2021. Its content about changing demographics, the rise of chronic disease, and patients’ expanding role in their own care is still relevant for 2022.

Innovations in X-ray equipment.

Better image quality, less dose, and increased productivity are common goals in medical imaging every year. So it’s no surprise that readers of Everything Rad showed strong interest in these blogs: the engineering innovation behind our glass-free Lux 35 detector that resulted in a weight reduction of almost 2 pounds; Guidelines for Choosing X-ray Room Equipment; and Guidelines for Detector Selection.

Our blog about Children’s Hospital at Montefiore piloting a forward-looking technology to enable fluoroscopic exams to be performed with a modified DRX-Revolution system in their neonatal intensive care unit also caught the interest of our readers. 

The lingering presence and impact of COVID-19.

Sadly, the COVID virus and its mutations are still with us. Our most-read blogs related to its impact in radiology were COVID’s Lasting Impact on Radiology Administration and Filling the Gaps in the Radiographer Staffing Shortage.

Patient satisfaction drivers.

Patients are becoming more involved in their healthcare – and more empowered.  Dr. Yoshimi Anzai’s blog on The Impact of Price Transparency in Radiology generated a lot of clicks. Another well-read blog related to this topic is 3 Strategies to Increase Patient Satisfaction by Owensboro Health Regional Hospital. 

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What will the top topics in medical imaging be in 2022? Please comment below.

Katie Kilfoyle Remis is the Editor of Everything Rad. She is also Carestream’s Digital Media Manager.


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