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The importance of spare parts availability for medical imaging equipment.

The current global pandemic and its increased demand on diagnostic and medical care centers led me to reflect on the importance of keeping medical imaging equipment in optimum working condition. As manager of the parts planning for Latin America, this topic is of great relevance to me.

Most customers do not think about the importance of having service parts available – until their mobile imaging unit or X-ray room requires service. In order to serve our customers well, Carestream strives to have a ready inventory of service parts available for servicing medical imaging equipment. We understand that medical device parts play an important role in uptime, outcomes and patient satisfaction.

On-demand availability of spare parts is essential to keeping imaging equipment running.

Like many other industries, the pandemic has created scarcity in supply and / or manufacturing plants as well as difficulties with importing materials.

The challenge has been enormous and intense, yet I am proud to say that together with other operational areas in Carestream and the relentless commitment of our direct and indirect Field Service teams, we have managed to maintain availability of required parts.

The parts planning team – that is integrated in the Supply Chain & Logistic Area – plays a fundamental role in maintaining the balance between availability and the appropriate amount of inventory, as well as controlling the fundamental function of rotation of these inventories. The requirements of a simple screw to an RX tube are given the same importance. We understand that equipment needs are unpredictable, and we need to be ready to respond to all of them.

Additionally, the best way to keep imaging equipment functioning at its best is to perform regular preventive maintenance. This requires access to a variety of consumables.

Nancy Ruiz is a Parts Planner for customers in Mexico.
Luiz Carlos Diodata is a Parts Planner for customers in Brazil and Peru.

Finally, Carestream is continually innovating our products, and this sometimes requires new parts and tools. The deep experience of our Planning Parts Team helps make sure that our inventory of parts is current with the needs of our new products.

I hope you found this overview of the role of spare parts in keeping your equipment operating smoothly interesting. Medical device parts are really about uptime, outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Many of my colleagues in the service operation areas are dedicated to helping our customers provide medical imaging diagnosis in a timely manner to help safeguard human lives – and getting customers the right spare parts on time contributes to their success.

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Author: Salvador Conde is the Parts Planning Manager for the Latin American Region. He is responsible to ensure the region has the required parts readily available when needed. Salvador has experience in both the Service and Service Parts Planning areas allowing him to understand the needs of the customer and leverage a solution to ensure their needs are met.


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