ABC Medical Center: The Role of Mobile Imaging in Patient Care

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Radiology department’s primary objective is satisfaction in patient care.

Carestream had the opportunity to interview Dr. Marco Antonio Téliz, head of the department of radiology and molecular imaging at ABC Medical Center, on the objectives of the hospital’s radiology department at RSNA 2019. ABC Medical Center is recognized for providing the highest level of care in Mexico.

Everything Rad: Welcome, Dr. Téliz. First, can you tell us a bit about ABC Medical Center and what sets it apart from other healthcare facilities?

Having high-end, high-performance mobile equipment allows ABC medical center to do excellent studies at the patient’s bedside.

Dr. Téliz: ABC Medical Center is the only Multispecialty Group Practice in Mexico, in which specialists from various disciplines work together in order to improve hospital coordination, make the most accurate diagnoses, determine the best course of treatment and provide our patients with the most appropriate follow-up care.

Everything Rad: Could you please share with us the main objectives of the molecular imaging radiology department of the ABC medical center in 2020?

Dr. Téliz: Aligning with the hospital’s overall strategy, our department’s primary objective is satisfaction in patient care. We always focus all our activity precisely on what the patient and family members need. That is, all our activities should be focused first on ensuring that this care is 100% what the patient needs. We also want to meet what the patient is expecting from that care.

Mobile imaging provides high level of patient care

ER: From our recent conversations, it is clear to me how the processes have been determined to improve the patient experience, and that the training and management of hospital personnel are also aligned. But what is the role of the imaging equipment? And what is the role of the supplier of this equipment to help you achieve your objective for patient care?

Dr. Téliz: We want to have patient care and imaging studies happen in the same place. This is where mobile imaging equipment plays a very important role. Having high-end and high-performance equipment that is mobile, we can do excellent studies at the patient’s bedside. This is much more comfortable for the patient than moving from one area of ​​the hospital to another. It allows us to provide a very high level of service.

If a patient has to change places, many times for them this is very uncomfortable. Taking teams to where the patient can remain comfortable in their bed is much better than moving them, and better than a cold X-ray room. Mobile imaging supports our goal of providing, above all, humanized care. 

Image of radiologist providing a bedside imaging exam with the DRX Revolution
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Also, having digital equipment that allows us to obtain X-rays with low doses of radiation and very high definition helps us with certainty in the diagnosis.

ER: ABC has several installations of Carestream equipment including our DRX-Ascend X-ray room, DRX-Mobile Retrofit, Managed Print Services, and 7 printers and printing systems. You were also the first hospital in Mexico to install our DRX-Revolution Mobile Imaging System.  Today you have 2 DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray Systems. What has been your experience with the product?

Dr. Téliz: It has been very good. It is very easy for the radiological technicians to handle in such a way that they can obtain images of very good quality, of excellent quality. That means they can avoid repeating exams which implies a decrease in radiation dose. At the same time, the delivery of results is immediate wirelessly to the PACS. In that same way, we can obtain the evaluation quickly even if the radiologists are on the other side of the hospital.

ER: Thank you very much for your time. I am happy to know that our equipment helps you meet your objectives.

Dr. Marco Antonio Téliz is head of the department of radiology and molecular imaging at the ABC Medical Center. ABC Medical Center is recognized for providing the highest level of care in Mexico. Its imaging specialties include diagnostic breast imaging, MRI, ultrasound, computed tomography, nuclear medicine, PET-CT, general radiology and interventional radiology.

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