Diagnostic Reading #32: Five “Must Read” Articles on HIT and Radiology

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In the news this week: articles for radiologists new to the profession as well as seasoned HIT professionals.

This week’s articles include: radiation is not the only risk for pediatric patients; AI learns to predict schizophrenia from MRI brain scan; role of healthcare data governance in big data analytics; tips on how to select the right EHR replacement vendor and system; and Radiology Nation provides tools for radiologists in training.

Radiation not the only risk to consider when imaging pediatric patients – Radiology Business

When managing the care of pediatric patients, both referring physicians and radiologists know it’s important to consider the risks associated with radiation exposure. But according to a recent article in JACR, focusing too much on those risks and not considering other key factors can end up potentially harming the patient.

AI ‘learns’ to predict schizophrenia from brain MRI – Radiology Business

A collaborative effort between IBM and the University of Alberta in Canada has produced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that are able to examine MRI exams and predict schizophrenia with 74 percent accuracy. The retrospective analysis also showed the technology was able to determine the severity of symptoms by examining activity in various regions of the brain.

The role of healthcare data governance in big data analytics – Health IT Analytics

Many healthcare organizations are struggling through the big data adoption cycle. A study by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) found that nearly a third of participants have not made any headway in promoting data governance as a business imperative. But without accurate, timely, clean and complete data, healthcare organizations will not be able to move beyond the basics of recordkeeping and develop the analytics competencies that will become vital survival skills in the emerging world of value-based care.

How to select the right EHR replacement vendor, system – EHR Intelligence

Many healthcare organizations are now considering EHR replacement. The new EHR must provide improvements over the previous system, and it also must meet the needs of both the organization and its providers to ensure longevity. Dissatisfaction with an organization’s current health IT company or product is a frequent motivator. However with interoperability topping the list of priorities for federal agencies such as ONC in 2017, streamlining health data exchange across provider networks has also begun to influence EHR replacement decisions.

Radiology Nation provides tools for radiologists in training – Radiology Nation

Radiology Nation has created a web site with access to major tradeshows, videos, training tools and other radiology resources. The site is geared to those who are studying to be radiologists or have just begun their practice.

Blog of the week: Forecasting the enterprise imaging platform of the future – Everything Rad

The administrative director at NYU Winthrop Hospital outlines four key drivers that will shape enterprise imaging platforms in the near future.

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