Bill Veto Fuels Breast Density Discussion

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California Governor Jerry Brown recently vetoed bill SB 791 that would have mandated medical providers to notify women if they have dense breast tissue.  Brown stated he was not comfortable with language in the proposal that required women be told they might benefit from more screening.  This legislative move has fueled more discussion about density as an independent risk factor, the challenge dense tissue poses to radiologists interpreting images and patient right to more information about their breast health.

Anne Richards, Carestream Health

Anne Richards, Clinical Development Manager, Women’s Healthcare

Breast density is an important topic, but this discussion is far from a new one. In fact, the Connecticut General Assembly passed their act in 2009 and several other sates have similar legislation pending.

This past summer at the Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) Postgraduate Course, I sat down with Gerald Kolb, Mātakina International’s VP of Business Development, who shared his thoughts on personalized screening and volumetric breast density assessments:

How is your imaging department or center educating and informing patients about breast density? 


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