Meike Lerner

Quo vadis PACS?

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Editors Note: We asked Meike Lerner, managing editor of European Hospital Magazine,  for her thoughts on the hot topics she expects at RSNA 2011.

Quo vadis PACS?

It was the central issue at the Annual Scientific Meeting Management in Radiology (MIR) of the European Society of Radiology that took place in Nice, France: What will become of PACS?

Meike Lerner

Meike Lerner, Managing Editor, European Hospital Magazine

Will the increasingly patient-oriented allocation and archiving of all data lead to the point where the picture archiving and communication system is entirely integrated into the HIS?

Or will it – quite to the contrary – gain in importance beyond radiology since it allows patient-centered management of image and video data and will thus become the interface to data management?

The participants of the meeting in Nice did not offer a definite answer.

Will the US-American sister organisation—RSNA— zero in on this issue at this year‘s annual congress?


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