Mobile X-Ray Minute: Three Questions with Dr. Roger Eng

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Editors Note: Leading up to RSNA 2011 we’ve asked Carestream’s Medical Advisory Board members for their insight into the radiology trends we expect to be hot topics at the show. 

Dr. Roger Eng, Chinese Hospital

Dr. Roger Eng, Chairman of Radiology, Chinese Hospital, and President of Golden Gate Radiology Medical Group

Q: What advantages does mobile x-ray deliver to radiology staff?

A:  It allows a facility to un-tether radiology beyond the four walls of the department into other high impact areas like ER, ICU and OR. The turn around time is much faster without the extra steps usually required between acquisition and placement of the cassettes into a CR reader back in radiology.  This can add anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes in my hospital before the radiologist can read it.

Q: What benefits does wireless DR offer for patient care?

A: More rapid diagnosis by the radiologist, critical care physician, ER physician, surgeon or whomever is reading it. Most of these cases are acutely ill patients, so time makes a difference.

Q: Where is mobile imaging most needed in your facility?

A:  We plan on having wireless DR in our new hospital tower to quickly move the portable x-ray unit between the ICU and OR.


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