New radiology systems: You can’t afford not to buy [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Capital is a finite resource, and today’s healthcare providers want the best systems and technology. At the same time you’re feeling the pressure of Meaningful Use compliance and the transition towards Accountable Care Organizations.  The challenge is how to allocate funding among competing priorities. You have enough money for one thing. Maybe two things. You need many things.  This is the reality for countless healthcare providers across the country. Radiology systems are on the wish list of many hospitals that I’ve talked to.  While this purchase needs to be balanced against needs across the hospital, there are many situations when you can’t afford NOT to invest in new digital equipment.

Steven J. Romocki, Carestream Health

Steven J. Romocki, Worldwide Product Line Manager, Digital Capture Solutions / Digital Radiography (DR/CR), Carestream Health

A purchase of a new radiology system needs to be considered in terms of total cost of ownership.  When it comes to the newest digital radiography technology, return on investment is a big component of that analysis.  Right now many hospitals are considering a transition from film or CR technology to DR.  Digital imaging supports many of the healthcare reforms that hospitals are grappling with, and your existing x-ray systems may be approaching replacement.  The advent of wireless DR systems makes the decision to buy much different than it was with your last radiology purchase.

By nature DR operates more quickly than CR.  Reducing time between exposures can allow for more exams each day, spreading the initial investment over more patients each year.  Our team in the UK commissioned a study to take a closer look at the productivity gains that facilities can expect by utilizing the DRX detector.  This infographic details the benefits of increased speed of image acquisition compared with CR technology:

Infographic Economic Case for Digital Radiography

Some hospitals do choose to finance or lease their radiology solution.  Instead of paying a significant sum up front, you can spread the cost over time while conserving your funds to address other projects.  In many cases financing can include cost of maintenance, software, and professional services in a monthly payment – further lowering up front costs.

Rather than discussing whether or not to purchase a radiology system, the decision becomes HOW to buy a system that makes your money go farthest.  When you can maximize the return on your investment, a new radiology purchase supports rather than competes with your other capital needs.

Does your organization have multiple initiatives competing for funding? 


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