New study reveals key decision makers for clinical data sharing and archiving

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Last summer we conducted a survey asking the question, “Who is responsible for clinical data storage in hospitals today?”  We asked for your participation in this study, and the results are in!

We asked healthcare professionals—radiology administrators, PACS administrators, IT professionals, and purchasing professionals—to tell us how they make their decisions regarding the selection of a clinical data archive.  There were two key groups of respondents— those who already installed a clinical data archive or already selected a vendor, and those who have not yet made the decision.

The new report, which summarizes the insights gained from this study, provides some surprising findings.  We found that while the radiology director or administrator controls the budget in most clinical data archive selections, the decision is an enterprise effort with the IT director typically being a key decision maker.  Because priorities may be different for each of these key stakeholders, we suggest that facilities use a cross-functional team with representatives from each group.  The diverse group can address the concerns of all stakeholders and will ultimately select the best clinical data archive for the organization’s needs.

Thank you to all of our readers who participated!  The full report is available here. 


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