Radiology Image Challenge – What is it?

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Again there were some great guesses for May’s image!  This time we did receive correst responses.  So, what was it?  The subject of last month’s image was a slice of swiss cheese.

Congratulations to Alexander Schumm, this month’s winner!  Though several people correctly identified the subject of the x-ray, Alexander was first to give us the correct answer.

Now we’re looking for another winner!  Here is your image for June:

They’re starting to get harder!  You’ll have until July 5 to identify the subject in our educational x-ray quiz.  Leave your guess in the comments section for this post and the first person to correctly identify the subject of the x-ray will win an Everything Rad mug.

Good luck!

Sorry… Carestream employees and their agencies are prohibited from entering. 


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    Cd in pocket? Person sitting on cushion with spring in it?

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    wheel rim on a seated suspension cushion?

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    This is an x-rat if an eye…..

  • reply

    x-ray not rat sorry. lol

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    Lawrence Rex B. Moya

    A radiograph of a clock?

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    Button on Jeans/Pants

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    Cindi Johnson-Jacobs

    Who takes these images?! How?!
    I believe it’s a barbell on a pillow on a spring coil mattress.

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      Hi Cindi! We’ve gotten the images from a few different sources in the company, but most of them were taken by our social media team – with the help of our DR specialists who know the best way to generate some tricky images!

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    Angela Frackleton

    I think its a desktop fan

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    It looks like one of those shoes with the coiled spring in the heel.

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    Karen Clarke

    Large flashlight


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