Radiology Equipment Selection Begins with Understanding Workflows

9 questions to answer before researching equipment

Radiology equipment selection for imaging rooms is among the most important decisions a hospital or imaging facility will make. Choosing the imaging product best suited to your workflow and imaging needs can help your doctors make quicker diagnoses and give you a faster return on investment. The right diagnostic imaging equipment also can help reduce x-ray exam times and increase patient comfort.

Selecting the wrong product can negatively affect imaging workflow and owner costs. Considering that the average lifespan of digital radiography equipment is 20 years, it is critical to make a well-informed decision.

90% of successful product selection comes from understanding clinical and ergonomic workflows

During my 10 years of advising medical imaging facilities on equipment purchases, I’ve found that some facilities don’t fully understand their imaging needs. Others might understand them, but have not documented their needs well enough to share with the prospective vendor. This makes it hard for the supplier to recommend the most appropriate solution. It also makes it difficult for you to compare products from different vendors. Continue reading

Defining Innovation in Medical Imaging

Measuring the Impact of New Technology

“Innovation” is a desirable goal in healthcare. Many imaging providers seek news ways and breakthrough Carestream-Health-Award-Logotechnologies to improve patient care. But how do you measure innovation? How do you determine which new solutions to invest in? According to Frost & Sullivan, new technology investments “must have a positive and demonstrable impact on the cost efficiency, the quality and the outcome of imaging enterprises’ service lines.”

To help providers with their decision making, Frost & Sullivan evaluates and benchmarks products on their attributes and their impact on operations. Recently, Frost & Sullivan put our DR, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CBCT and healthIT imaging informatics products through its rigorous evaluation and selected Carestream as the winner of the 2016 North American Medical Imaging New Product Innovation Leadership Award. The award is yet another proof point that our products help enhance the value, profitability and marketability of the radiology profession.

You can click the image below to learn more about Frost & Sullivan’s 10-step process for evaluating candidates for the award, and the reasons they chose Carestream as the winner.

Carestream OnSight 3D Extremity System received FDA 510(k) clearance in September 2016.

Fluoroscopy and Digital Radiography in One Room

Introducing the CARESTREAM DRX-Excel Plus fluoroscopy systems

Fluoroscopy has been around almost as long as the X-ray itself. Shortly after Röentgen discovered X-rays, practitioners projected medical images onto a fluorescent screen and stood by to observe the results in real time.

Today, the results of a fluoroscopic exam are “coupled to an electronic device that amplifies and transforms the glowing light into a video signal suitable for presentation on an electronic display,” writes Eric Gingold, PhD in an Image Wisely1 article (Modern Fluoroscopy Imaging Systems).  Dr. Gingold dryly remarks that this results in a reduction in dose to the patient as well as a “substantial reduction in radiation dose to the fluoroscopist.”

Carestream DRX-Excel Plus System in useAn idea whose time has come.

But traditionally, despite the fact that many of the basic requirements for fluoroscopy equipment were similar to those of X-ray equipment, the fluoro system required its own room—putting a strain on resources in crowded hospital radiology departments. And unless the requirement for fluoroscopy was especially heavy, the fluoro room was not fully utilized—while X-ray rooms were fully booked.

Enter the CARESTREAM DRX-Excel Plus fluoroscopy systems

These versatile systems can record both fluoro and radiography sequences and interventional procedures.

In an organization where resources are constrained, it is now possible to use the “fluoro room” for digital X-rays as well as fluoroscopic studies. And that can mean increased utilization, better workflow, and increased productivity.

Is your organization planning a new fluoroscopy room? Perhaps you should explore the more versatile DRX-Excel Plus System that permits both fluoroscopy and digital radiography in the same room. To learn more, visit

1 Image Wisely is the organization dedicated to lowering radiation dose from medical imaging supported by ACR, RSNA, ASRT, and AAPM.

Jane_Duffy-White_CarestreamHealthJane Duffy-White, Marketing Manager, Carestream Health