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Dual-Modality Imaging Systems Enhance Productivity and Workflow

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Having two diagnostic technologies in a single system can generate cost-savings in several ways.

Today, success in healthcare demands delivering better care, for more patients, at a lower cost. That’s a tough challenge. Small wonder that hospitals and imaging centers are looking outside the box for new ways to improve their productivity and outcomes.

One growing trend that has developed in response to this need is the design and adoption of dual-modality systems. The idea is simple: buy a single system and gain two sets of capabilities for one price. Recent years have seen the introduction of systems combining computed tomography (CT) with single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) for the assessment of cancer patients. Other dual solutions include a cardiovascular system that integrates CT capabilities with X-ray angiography imaging.

Carestream’s Entry: The DRX-Excel Plus System

Carestream’s DRX-Excel Plus is one of the latest dual-modality solutions to enter the market. Designed specifically for large hospitals and imaging centers, it combines both fluoroscopic imaging and general radiology capabilities in one compact unit – at a very attractive price. It then delivers exceptional ROI over time with dual-modality flexibility and productivity features.

Woman standing in front of DRX-Excel Plus machine

The DRX-Excel Plus delivers ergonomic design and attention to detail to help ensure patient comfort and user productivity. A focus on efficient system operation accelerates work­flow. And high-resolution image capture and processing support excellent image quality and fast, confident diagnoses.

Want to learn more about this innovative two-in-one solution? Check out these videos, showing the Excel-Plus in action during a range of different fluoroscopic and general X-ray exams – a Barium Swallow chest X-ray exam, as well as studies for knee arithriogram, long-length imaging X-ray and upper GI radiology exam workflow.
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Sarah Verna is Carestream’s Worldwide Marketing Manager for X-ray Solutions.


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