Pike County Memorial Hospital Elevates Standard of Patient Care and Productivity with DRX-Revolution Mobile Imaging System

ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 27 — Pike County Memorial Hospital upgraded “from a Ford to a Ferrari” when it replaced its existing portable imaging system with the CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile Imaging System.

The superb image quality and maneuverability of the DRX-Revolution Mobile Imaging System is helping the hospital elevate its standard of patient care and productivity, said Rebekka Thornton, Diagnostic Radiology Director, who made the comparison of a Ford to a Ferrari.

“The mobility of the DRX-Revolution allows us to go into rooms that aren’t really set up for mobile X-ray exams, yet move around the rooms with ease. The entire process is easier on our technologists and our patients,” Ms. Thornton explained.

Bedside imaging is essential to the rural hospital. The mobile X-ray machine at PCMH is used in the Emergency Department, Medical/Surgery Unit, and Surgery, conducting exams such as chest X-rays, line placements and extremity imaging. Additionally, the mobile system brings X-ray imaging to isolation rooms and to inpatients who are too ill or unstable to be transported to an X-ray room. The quality imaging provided by the DRX-Revolution assists surgeons when they need to complete procedures at the bedside; and helps physicians develop treatment plans.

“The advanced functionality of our new mobile imaging system allows our technologists to quickly and easily produce exceptionally high-quality images of seriously ill or injured patients. Simply put, we gained a lot of features and better imaging than we had with our previous system,” said Ms. Thornton.



About Pike County Memorial Hospital

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