Edward-Elmhurst Health Installs Carestream's New, Scalable DRX-Compass for Orthopaedic Practice

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Dec. 9 — Edward-Elmhurst Health has installed the first DRX-Compass X-ray system in the nation to support its orthopaedic providers, deploying Carestream’s newest, fully digital diagnostic imaging system at its Edward Hospital in Naperville, Ill. The system is designed to support mid-tier hospitals and medical imaging centers worldwide, and offers a flexible and scalable approach to digital imaging, while increasing workflow efficiency and reducing costs.

“We have a new orthopaedic practice as part of our medical group at the hospital, and they’re very eager to use this specific new technology,” said Ryan Garland, System Director for Radiology/Imaging Services at Edward-Elmhurst Health.

An upgrade-friendly X-ray unit, the CARESTREAM DRX-Compass X-ray System allays technology obsolescence with a set of advanced features and options. It has vertical auto-tracking and auto-centering, as well as an optional tilting wall stand to support a wide range of exams.

Being able to purchase a much-needed X-ray system at a suitable price point was attractive to Edward-Elmhurst Health, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic affected their hospital budgets. With the ability to select components for specific locations, the system can easily adapt to facility requirements.

Developed for easy positioning, DRX-Compass (see video link) is designed to decrease set-up time and increase productivity for every facility. “From an efficiency perspective, the automation helps with our throughput since it reduces the amount of time that the technologists would spend positioning tube heads, for example,” said Mr. Garland. “When the system automatically does that work, our staff can focus on the patient.”

Its graphical user interface reduces training time for technicians and allows for a secure, swipe-and-go login. “The technologists really enjoy working with the DRX-Compass because the user interface and the operability from the end user’s perspective have been great,” Mr. Garland said.

Along with the software, Edward Hospital also uses a 17X17 digital X-ray detector, which further boosts workflow. “It has proven to be very helpful because it alleviates the technologist from having to take the detector out of the Bucky and reposition it from landscape to portrait mode,” said Mr. Garland. “When we have to do that, we’re moving parts and the margin of error increases.” The 17X17 detector helps mitigate damage and the need for replacement, he added.

With about 420 beds, Edward Hospital utilizes several Carestream systems, including DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray, DRX-Evolution and DRX-Ascend. Across the healthcare system, which includes 10 satellite offices, it conducts more than 130,000 X-ray exams annually.