Carestream Previews Innovative Digital Tomosynthesis at RSNA

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 30 — Carestream will introduce a three-dimensional extension of general radiography through its Digital Tomosynthesis (DT) functionality (Pending FDA 510(k) clearance) at this year’s Radiological Society of North America conference in booth #7513, North Hall.

Simplifying workflow and reducing exam time, Carestream’s DT technology is an upgradable option on the DRX-Evolution Plus System. This DT technique uses a single sweep of X-ray exposures and simplifies the operator’s workflow by separating the process of DT exposure acquisition from image volume formation. As a result, multiple projections are acquired during a single DT acquisition sweep.

“A picture is worth a thousand words. The images captured by the DT functionality offer greater depth and improve the workflow in an imaging center,” said Sarah Verna, Worldwide Marketing Manager for Global X-ray Solutions at Carestream.

The exam time is greatly reduced with DT than with traditional tomography, doing away with the trial-and-error process in locating the anatomical region of interest. Post-processing, which relies on computer software, enables the generation of as many DT slices needed at varying intervals and thickness.

“In an emergency situation a technologist can complete the scan quickly, providing information necessary for further diagnosis,” Ms. Verna said. “At trauma centers, especially, computed tomography (CT) scanners run at maximum capacity. While the DT functionality does not replace a CT scanner, it offers an easy way for a general X-ray room to be better utilized.”

This DT technique will roll out along with Carestream’s Dual-Energy technology (Pending FDA 510(k) clearance), which was showcased at RSNA last year. Dual-energy utilizes two filter materials that enable automatic switching between the high- and low-energy exposures to produce a soft-tissue-only image with the bone structures removed, as well as a corresponding bone-only image. This differential filter approach optimizes both X-ray spectrums, achieving optimal dose efficiency. It also delivers superior image quality—at the equivalent patient exposure as a standard, non-dual-energy posterior-anterior chest radiograph.

Carestream will feature live presentations on Digital Tomosynthesis at its booth throughout RSNA 2019. Pending regulatory clearance, both the dual-energy technology and DT functionality are expected to be available early next year.