Michigan Medical Center Staff Report Carestream DR Systems, Advanced Software Features Exceed Expectations

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 27, 2018— Hurley Medical Center (Flint, Mich.) purchased a CARESTREAM DRX-Ascend System (video), two CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray Systems and upgraded three portable X-ray systems that serve the ER, NICU and general radiology department. All of these imaging systems are equipped with Carestream’s DRX Plus Detectors that can deliver improved image quality, lower dose and reduced weight.

Hurley Medical Center (Flint, Mich.)“Carestream imaging systems have consistently exceeded our expectations. In addition to outstanding reliability, the DRX-Revolutions are equipped with optional advanced software that enhances viewing of tubes and lines,” said Yuwonia Speights-Beaugard, the medical center’s Director of Radiology.

“The company also offers SmartGrid software that can help improve image quality by reducing the appearance of scatter and may eliminate the need for our technologists to use cumbersome grids for imaging studies.”

She adds that reducing scatter is especially important for accurate diagnostic imaging of overweight or obese patients.

The DRX-Ascend system is equipped with a wall stand and table and is used to capture a wide range of imaging studies including extremity, chest, abdomen, pelvic, upper GI and other exams. One DRX-Revolution system is deployed in the ED and the second DRX-Revolution captures imaging studies in the radiology department.

Mobile imaging systems used in the ER and radiology department have been upgraded with CARESTREAM DRX Plus detectors. A portable system in the NICU uses a CARESTREAM DRX 2530C detector that fits into incubator trays and delivers excellent image quality.

“Since our technologists conduct imaging exams throughout the hospital, having the same user interface for our room and portable imaging systems is an important advantage that enables us to be more productive,” said Ms. Speights-Beaugard.

She also cited Carestream’s Administrative Analysis software that allows monitoring of imaging settings as well as technologists’ reject rates and provides an analysis of each rejected exam. “This software enables us to work with technologists to improve the quality of care we deliver. Our goal is to maintain consistently high-quality images while minimizing radiation dose.”

Carestream service and support capabilities also include proactive monitoring of all DRX detectors. “This Remote Monitoring Software monitors all drops and classifies the severity of the drop. Carestream technicians contact me when a detector is not producing acceptable image quality or has any type of defect,” said Ms. Speights-Beaugard.


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