New Enterprise Imaging Platform Enhances Oncologists’ Workflow, Facilitates Image Review with Patients

Carestream’s Advanced Reading Tools Help Speed Delivery of Radiology Reports, Elevate Value of Imaging at Oncology Practice

ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 20 – Fox Valley Hematology & Oncology (Appleton, Wis.) implemented Carestream’s Vue for Clinical Collaboration Platform to deliver advanced  enterprise image management technology that streamlines the diagnostic process at its new state-of-the-art oncology center. The center provides advanced imaging services (X-ray, PET-CT, 3D mammography, bone density and ultrasound) as well as radiation therapy. Fox Valley worked with NXC Imaging based in Minneapolis, Minn. This regional dealer coordinated the selection and purchase process for the image management platform and the imaging systems.     

Vue for Cloud-Based Services“The expedited workflow offered by the image management platform enables oncologists to access a patient’s imaging study or radiology report with a single click, which helps them make treatment decisions,” said Sheri Krueger, the facility’s diagnostic center coordinator. “And since access is so easy, they now show patients their imaging exams during a consultation, which enhances each patient’s understanding of their diagnosis and treatment options and makes them feel more comfortable.”

Carestream’s platform also makes the diagnostic process faster and more convenient for radiologists, she adds. “Carestream’s enterprise image management solution offers the ability to read multiple modalities from a single workstation. Radiologists appreciate this because they have to move to different workstations at most of the other sites where they provide reading services. They are also impressed with the system’s ease of use and advanced tool set.”

Having radiologists, oncologists and imaging systems on-site also benefits patients. “An efficient diagnostic process benefits our patients since they don’t have to go to a hospital or imaging center and then come back for consultations. It’s much more convenient for them, which is important because this is a stressful process,” Krueger notes.

Fox Valley’s staff is working with Carestream representatives to integrate the new enterprise image management platform with an existing EMR. This integration will allow oncologists, nurse practitioners and other staff members to open the radiology report from a patient’s chart and view images from the report with a single click.   


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