Carestream Unveils Affordable New Portable Imaging System That Helps Facilities Transition from CR to DR

Compact, Lightweight System Offers Rapid, Easy Upgradability to DR Technology

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 25 — Carestream launched its affordable new CARESTREAM Motion Mobile X-ray System that enables small to mid-size hospitals and other healthcare providers to easily transition from CR to DR technology. The system can initially be used with film or CR cassettes and then converted to a DR system that streamlines image capture, viewing and wireless communication to a PACS.

The new portable imaging system is compact and easy to maneuver into tight spaces. The tubehead and column are designed to fold down for excellent visibility.

CARESTREAM Motion Mobile X-ray SystemThe Motion Mobile X-ray System is available in Europe, Asia and Latin America. It is not commercially available in North America.

"We designed this new portable system to equip imaging facilities of all sizes with the ability to efficiently capture images using film, CR or DR technology. This system addresses each user’s current imaging needs while providing an easy transition to DR technology when desired,” said Sarah Verna, Carestream’s Worldwide Marketing Manager for X-ray Solutions.

The analog version of the system includes an eight-inch touch screen monitor with easy-to-set protocols, hand switch exposure control, a manual light-beam collimator that allows fast, accurate patient positioning and a 30 kW capacitor discharge generator that supports a full range of clinical applications. An optional dose-area product (DAP) meters information needed for monitoring dose.

The integrated DR version delivers these added features:

  • 19-inch touch screen monitor
  • An interface that automatically acquires DAP and technique information, which eliminates manual data entry
  • DIRECTVIEW software that provides faster image display and delivery to a PACS or printers; and
  • Support for CARESTREAM DRX Core, DRX Plus and DRX 2530C detectors that offer advanced technology and allow detector sharing with other DRX imaging systems.

The system has a storage bin for cassettes or detectors and a tilt step designed to facilitate moving the system over small obstacles, such as access points to elevators. Any Carestream DRX detector can be shared with any member of its extensive family of DRX imaging systems to maximize productivity and return on investment.