Major Hospital Purchases Carestream’s Vue PACS Upgrade, Vue Motion Image Viewer and Lesion Management Module

Latest PACS Platform Also Offers Ability to Integrate Mammography Into General Radiology Workflow

ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 10 — Major Hospital (Shelbyville, Ind.), purchased and installed an upgrade to the newest CARESTREAM Vue PACS to benefit from advanced features and options that include Carestream’s Vue Motion image viewer, lesion management application and a mammography module that will integrate mammography exams into the general radiology reading workflow.

120 - Lesion Management“With these new systems, radiologists and referring physicians working remotely gain easier, faster access to imaging studies and reports and the ability to use advanced tools, which can enhance patient care,” said Linda Skillman, Radiology Director, Major Hospital.

She added that the hospital will be eliminating its dedicated mammography workstation and radiologists will read mammography exams and other imaging procedures on a Vue PACS workstation equipped with five megapixel monitors.

“Our radiologists appreciate the ability to read mammography and general radiology exams from the same PACS workstation. Carestream offers specialized mammography reading tools that our radiologists use as well as other efficiencies that are not possible when they are reading from a standalone mammography workstation,” she explained.


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