First CARESTREAM Vue PACS Installed As Midi-Pyrénées Regional Project Gets Underway in France

GENEVA, Switz., August 28, 2014 ― The Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal du Val d’Ariège (CHIVA) is the first site to be equipped with CARESTREAM Vue PACS as part of the Midi-Pyrénées Regional Project.  

At the end of 2013 the Groupement de Coopération Sanitaire (GCS) Télésanté Midi-Pyrénées selected Carestream to provide shared PACS and RIS services and teleradiology support. It contributes towards improving patient care as well as playing a leading role in the implementation of a tele-imaging network for the region’s 57 healthcare organisations, enabling access to regional services.

By joining the GCS Télésanté Midi-Pyrénées project, CHIVA is benefiting from Carestream’s Vue for Cloud-Based Services, an economic model that operates on a pay-as-you-go formula, which limits initial investment and removes any obsolescence, archiving or regulation compliance issues. Membership will also enable the hospital to expand its initial objectives of archiving and distributing images internally to exchanging and sharing medical images with other project participants in the region, particularly the CHU Toulouse.

More than 500 workstations were connected during the installation phase. “It was installed and up and running in no time at all,” said Mr. Caumette, Head of Information Systems at the hospital. “We worked very well with the Carestream teams and, within three weeks, the installation, connections and user training were complete. After a month, the PACS was operating routinely.”

According to Radiologist and Head of Medical Technology Dr. Dubois, the system has been quickly adopted by radiologists along with Carestream’s Vue Motion zero footprint image viewer which equips referring physicians and clinicians with convenient access to patients radiology images and data using mobile devices. “The diagnostic workstations are very user friendly. Now 80% to 90% of examination findings are interpreted on PACS workstations and getting clinicians on board quickly was extremely important to us,” said Dr.Dubois. “They very quickly mastered the Vue Motion distribution portal, which allows rapid access to examination findings and provides the relevant tools. As testament to this excellent collaboration, we ceased producing films two months after installation.”

Mr. Caumette also reports that both the local two year storage and Cloud archiving, “leave us feeling safe in the knowledge that our records are backed-up and that standards are adhered to. One other advantage that we had underestimated was the ability of the network to link the system with patient records, enabling us to strengthen our monitoring of patient identities.”

The Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal du Val d’Ariège is an amalgamation of two hospitals and is located to the south of Toulouse, 10km from Foix. It has 570 beds, 330 of which are short stay beds. The hospital's emergency department sees approximately 34,000 patients each year with the radiology department performing more than 70,000 CT/MRI scans annually.

Carestream Vue PACS offers reading tools such as MPR, MIP, MinIP, volume rendering, tissue definition, vessel tracking and cardiac analysis. An optional embedded lesion management application can simplify the comparison process between different data sets and supports oncology follow-up with bookmarking and tracking of general anatomy over time. A Vue Mammo module equips radiologists to read mammography and general radiology procedures from any vendor on a single platform.