Carestream’s New Managed Print Solutions Programme Offers Savings to Healthcare Providers Through Convenient, Pay-Per-Print Model

Exclusive Web Portal Provides Innovative Tools for Customers to Monitor Film Usage, Inventory, Billing and Service Information

GENEVA, Switz., Feb. 5 — At ECR Carestream will highlight its Managed Print Solutions (MPS) programme that pairs the outstanding image quality of its DRYVIEW laser imagers and medical films with a comprehensive, all-inclusive programme that provides a broad range of benefits to healthcare providers.

Radiologists Dr. Pascal Hauet and his colleague, Dr. Christian Lunel, run a busy radiology practice in Paris, France, and have been using the new MPS programme since February 2013, prior to its commercial release. “The solution corresponded exactly with what we wanted to achieve ―- to digitise everything; images, results, reports, the management of remote equipment and make the information accessible via the internet,” said Dr Pascal Hauet. “The Carestream solution also means we don’t need to invest capital in the equipment, which is a great advantage, plus being billed only on our consumption fits well with our business model.”

Under the programme, Carestream maintains its laser imagers at the healthcare provider’s location, and remotely monitors operations. ““The effectiveness of the Carestream service is illustrated by the fact there is now very little printer downtime at all,” added Dr Hauet. “For mammography examinations we are subject to regular quality control checks and the monitoring of our machines via the Internet before these checks are carried out is a definite step forward. I receive alerts before a printer fails, which is essential, particularly when a patient is waiting for their results. When there is a potential lapse in quality, Carestream technicians are able to detect a failure before it happens.

CARESTREAM Managed Print Solutions is uniquely designed to provide customers with administrative and operational efficiencies that offer several advantages including:

  • Automatic replenishment of­ inventory to avoid costly expedited film shipments when supplies run low
  • Convenience of electronic payments
  • A state-of-the-art private Web interface with access 24/7 and online interaction with secure and real-time information
  • Elimination of capital outlay for equipment
  • Savings in order management with no need for purchase orders
  • Visibility to multi-site, multi-printer activity from a centralised view
  • World-class service and support, including on-line service interaction
  • Convenient management reports

“The biggest benefit of this MPS solution is undoubtedly the streamlining of inventory management, monitoring of consumption, orders, regulations, and supervising the proper operation of equipment,” concludes Dr Hauet. “Everything has become extremely simple and accessible to all our staff. It is also an extremely important tool for managing customer relationships since access to data on the web site means we are kept up-to-date. All of the information needed is available online and we don’t have to systematically search the site. Having information readily available enhances our relationship with the customer, which is better for them, for us.”