Carestream Expanding RIS Platform with Innovative Reporting Feature to Help Enhance the Diagnostic Dictation Process

GENEVA, Switz., Feb. 5 — Carestream will demonstrate a new generation of its Vue RIS platform (as a work in progress) that showcases the company’s commitment to leadership in RIS technology at the 2014 European Congress of Radiology (ECR). Vue RIS will support new features and innovative integrated RIS/PACS reporting that will expedite physician access to patient information and images.

 “We are committed to developing innovative features that can enhance the diagnostic process while simultaneously meeting new requirements for RIS that are being implemented in Europe such as a double blind reading workflow for mammography exams,” said Saskia Groeneveld, Carestream’s Global Marketing Manager for Healthcare Information Solutions.

She added that at ECR Carestream will demonstrate the ability for radiologists to insert bookmarks with key images that may contain vessel analysis or measurement data into their reports.

“We are finding new ways to equip physicians with easy access to important diagnostic information that can help optimise treatment decisions. Embedding this imaging information in the report will also help radiologists gain a more comprehensive view of the patient, since they will be able to view these image links when viewing prior reports,” Groeneveld explained.

In addition, Carestream Vue RIS offers the following advanced features: 

  • Equips healthcare providers to properly store and track radiation dose received through MPPS and DICOM SR
  • Enhanced multi-resource scheduling offers automatic scheduling of resources
  • Supports tracking for usage of consumables
  • Provides mammography screening module that supports double blind reading workflow
  • Enables linking imaging studies with a single report at the technician level
  • Provides automatic printing and distribution that enables automatic distribution of order requisitions, diagnostic reports, labels and forms
  • Management reports support scheduled generation of reports and automatic report distribution options; and
  • Supports capture and tracking of ACR codes for radiologists.

In addition, the RIS offers a worklist that can be tailored to meet workflow needs and integrates with a wide array of applications, tools, accessories and network peripherals.