Carestream Wins Tender to Supply Integrated Vue RIS, Vue PACS & Archiving to the ASP of Cosenza, Italy

GENEVA, Switz., Nov. 27 ― Carestream has won the landmark public tender to supply an integrated Vue RIS, Vue PACS and archiving solution to the Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale (ASP) of Cosenza, a large trust in the south of Italy. With 14 hospitals and four outpatient clinics, an annual average of around half a million examinations and a catchment area of over 400,000 service users, the Cosenza ASP is the first provincial trust in Calabria region to adopt a teleradiology system with the aim of improving the productivity and the quality of the service offered to patients. Implementation is scheduled to be completed by June 2015.

Carestream will supply a powerful RIS-PACS solution to streamline the entire treatment pathway of radiology patients from patient scheduling through diagnosis and reporting to distribution of results. Physicians can quickly and easily view, exchange and compare imaging studies and remotely consult with other hospital departments and specialists, no matter where the study was performed or where the physicians are located.

The new system will also manage, store and digitally process the radiology studies performed annually by the Cosenza ASP. To enable this, equipment and systems will be installed in two data centres, each capable of storing 145 Terabytes of data and providing online storage for more than 5 years in an efficient and secure manner.

“The switch of all public radiology in the province of Cosenza to a digital system is a step that will permit a leap in efficiency which will be perceived by all service users”, said Gianfranco Scarpelli, General Director of the Cosenza ASP. “Images archived in digital format will allow radiologists an easier and more immediate comparison with previous data, will facilitate the option of remote consultations among specialists, will prevent the loss of examination results and improve reporting times. This means greater quality in the treatment of patients.”

Michele Ferrarese, President and Chief Executive of Carestream Health Italy, added, “We are delighted to have been chosen by Cosenza ASP to provide technological support for their radiological activities. Our advanced computer system is able to meet the diagnostic needs of the Health Authority, allowing it to improve productivity and efficiency of the service to patients and facilitate diagnostic and treatment procedures.”

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