Rural Healthcare Takes a Leap Forward with Technology That Equips Remote Specialists to Provide Real-Time Treatment Suggestions

At Rochelle Community Hospital, Carestream’s Vue Motion Viewer Allows Doctors to Review Imaging Studies to Assess the Severity of a Patient’s Condition

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Feb. 28 — When citizens of Rochelle, Ill., (population 9,500) have a medical emergency, specialists who are miles away can assist with treatment decisions—in real-time.

As a small critical access hospital, Rochelle Community Hospital’s physicians often call upon remote doctors to make treatment recommendations for critically ill or injured patients. Thanks to the hospital’s CARESTREAM Vue PACS and vendor-independent Vue Motion viewer, these specialists can quickly and easily view imaging studies, prior exams and reports from Web-enabled devices, such as an iPad.   

“We need to make sure we have correctly identified the severity of each patient’s condition, determine what treatment needs to take place and whether the patient needs to be transported to a larger facility for specialty care,” said Scott Stewart, the hospitals’ Manager of Information Services. “Our new Vue Motion viewer equips specialists to review any type of imaging exam. These specialists can assess a heart attack or stroke victim, for example, and work with our physicians to give each patient the greatest chance of a good outcome.”

Carestream’s Vue Motion viewer allows rapid transmission even of echo cardiogram color video files, Stewart adds. “Referring physicians and specialists can view these large video files in cine mode, which is pretty amazing. The viewer is an excellent tool and is used by 75% of our off-site physicians and specialists.”

The hospital also installed the latest version Vue PACS, which interfaces smoothly with its EHR system. Authorized physicians at any location can go to the hospital’s web site and activate an online link to view patient imaging studies and reports as well as other patient information.

Stewart says the system is extremely secure. “We can grant access by a physician for a very limited period of time or we can offer extended access, depending upon the needs of each physician.”

The ability to deliver patient information along with imaging studies and reports means the hospital is already meeting some of the Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements, according to Stewart. “This technology allows hospitals of any size to address patient record access needs today so they don’t need to worry about meeting the deadline.”    

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