Carestream Demonstrates Innovative CS 9300 System For ENT and Dental Indications at ECR

GENEVA, Switz., February 12 ― Carestream will showcase its innovative CS 9300 System, a high-quality cone beam CT (CBCT – 3D imaging) and true panoramic imaging system for ENT and dental indications at the European Congress of Radiology 2013.

Positioned in the market at a lower cost than a conventional CT unit, the CS 9300 is an affordable way for radiology facilities to expand their ENT and dental services and increase productivity.  The system can be used for a variety of ENT and dental applications – including sinus, temporal bone and maxillofacial exams; dental implantology; oral surgery; orthodontics; periodontics and endodontics.

The system offers seven selectable CBCT fields of view ranging from 5 cm x 5 cm to 17 cm x 13.5 cm, limiting radiation exposure to the precise region of interest and enabling practitioners to adhere to the ALARA* principle, an especially important consideration for paediatric patients and adult patients requiring multiple scans.

With the CS 9300‘s range of CBCT image resolutions (0.09 to 0.5 mm isotropic voxels), the maximum resolution is much higher than conventional CT, making it ideal for visualising fine bony structures in the middle ear and radicular (root) structures. Additionally, the system’s fast scan times (as low as 12 seconds) – as well as ear, chin and forehead positioners – promotes optimal image quality and lowers the risk of retakes due to patient movement.

The CS 9300 delivers high-quality, panoramic images due to its variable focal trough technology that adapts to different patient morphologies. The optional, one-shot cephalometric module captures images in less than a second and delivers best-in-class image quality, a one-of-a-kind 30 cm x 30 cm full skull exam and automatic cephalometric landmarking software, further enhancing radiology and referring dentist workflows. Radiology productivity is further improved with the elimination of film processing and cassette handling associated with analogue and CR panoramic and cephalometric systems.

“With its three imaging modalities – panoramic, CBCT and cephalometric – the CS 9300 redefines clinicians’ expectations of versatility,” said David Roudergues, Business Manager Extraoral Imaging at Carestream. “The 3-in-1 nature of the CS 9300 was specifically designed to allow radiologists to expand their dental and ENT imaging services, and increase CT exam capacity at a lower cost and radiation dose as compared with conventional CT devices.”

In terms of aesthetics, the CS 9300 features an upright, compact design that allows easy integration and the open system makes exams comfortable for patients. Patients of all sizes can be accommodated, including those who use wheelchairs, as patients can be imaged in either the standing or sitting position. Users also will appreciate the multiple, pre-set programmes that minimise operator time needed to prepare for an exam.

The system supports DICOM 3.0 protocols, ensuring compatibility with PACS, RIS and printing systems. Radiologists can use the included intuitive viewing software that is configurable to user type or continue to use their preferred viewing software. The system is compatible with most image-guided surgery systems. The system is also compatible with SureSmile, NobelGuide™ and Simplant® dental systems.


*As Low As Reasonably Achievable.

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