Boca Raton Regional Hospital Reports Carestream’s DRX-Revolution Imaging Systems Streamline Log-In Procedures, Enhance Security

New Systems Offer Built-in RFID Reader That Inputs Data from Badges for Immediate Log On; Automated System Enhances Security

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Jan. 15 — Boca Raton Regional Hospital (Boca Raton, Fla.) purchased two CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray Systems as part of its conversion from CR to DR, which will help streamline workflow and enhance patient care at the 360-bed hospital.  

After installing the DRX-Revolution systems, physicians and staff were impressed with the image quality, speed of access and advanced capabilities offered by this innovative mobile imaging system.

“The DRX-Revolution mobile systems have definitely exceeded our expectations. Our physicians are able to view high-quality images immediately on the monitor to make treatment decisions and verify the position of tubes and PICC lines,” said Gail McNamara, Director of the hospital’s Imaging Services Department. “These innovative mobile systems also help our technologists capture better images with less movement of patients—and they are much easier to drive throughout the hospital.”  

McNamara adds that the DRX-Revolution units enable technologists to log in by just passing their badges containing RFID tags in front of the system’s built-in radio-frequency reader. “With RFID technology, our technologists are online instantly and can select a patient from the worklist and begin imaging. This is much faster than the manual process of logging in with names and passwords—and it helps us meet HIPAA requirements for the privacy of patient records,” she said. “Now I have a record of which technologist conducted each exam and what files each technologist viewed.”

Both DRX-Revolution systems capture images in the ER, ICU, and surgical suites and conduct inpatient exams throughout the hospital. The hospital plans to purchase a third DR portable imaging system to satisfy additional imaging needs created by the expansion of its ER and the creation of a new neuroscience center that includes dedicated operating rooms, a neurology ICU and intraoperative MRI.

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