Vue RIS, PACS Can Enhance Efficiency And Reduce Total Cost Of Ownership

New Beta Feature Will Deliver Time-Saving Automatic Reporting For Complex Diagnostic Ultrasound Studies*

GENEVA, Switz., January 31 — Eliminating forklift upgrades for outdated PACS systems. Native features that replace the need for third-party integrations. New native features allow reporting complex ultrasound studies using data communicated directly from ultrasound systems. These and other innovative capabilities offered by Carestream’s Vue RIS and Vue PACS will be spotlighted at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna.

“We understand healthcare facilities are under tight budget constraints. Therefore we are creating affordable RIS and PACS platforms that can streamline workflow, boost productivity and reduce operating costs for healthcare providers of all sizes,” said Saskia Groeneveld, Regional Marketing Manager Europe, Healthcare Information Solutions.  

Vue PACS can eliminate the cost of data migration through use of an innovative metadata indexing system that allows access to imaging exams stored on existing archives. The PACS also equips on-site or remote users with reading, reporting, advanced 3D processing and other tools to improve user productivity. Its Vue Motion zero-footprint, web-based viewer enables convenient on demand access to medical imaging data with on-site or remote clinicians across the enterprise.

In addition to its Vue RIS and PACS platforms, Carestream also offers vendor-neutral archiving that can serve a single site or an entire healthcare system. The archive can be delivered as an on-site solution or a pay-per-use cloud-based service. CARESTREAM Vue Cloud can also be used to address disaster recovery requirements for an on-site archive.

Flexible RIS
Carestream’s Vue RIS features built-in functionality that can help reduce operating costs and improve workflow efficiency and includes: a sophisticated rules engine; anatomical drawing tools; embedded reporting (digital dictation or voice recognition); critical results notification and peer review.

Valuable business intelligence tools deliver accurate data about personnel and equipment utilisation so managers can make strategic decisions to help improve efficiency and profitability.

The web-based RIS is accessible to authorised users from any location and easily scales to address the needs of single or multi-site healthcare systems. Vue RIS offers specialised mammography scheduling and reporting functionality that meets country-specific requirements in Europe.

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