Carestream Named Second Largest Worldwide Supplier Of Vendor-Neutral Archiving Solutions

InMedica Report Describes Healthcare Industry’s Dramatic Growth In Data Storage

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 26 — Carestream was named the world’s second largest supplier of vendor-neutral archiving (VNA) solutions in a report just issued by InMedica, a division of IMS Research. Vendor-neutral archiving refers to standards-based platforms used in the healthcare industry to store patient data and medical images in non-proprietary formats that facilitate information access and exchange.  

“Customers are embracing our on-site vendor-neutral archiving platform that simplifies data management and enables secure information sharing across multiple locations or users, which can help enhance clinicians’ access to patient information,” said Cristine Kao, Carestream’s Global Marketing Manager for Healthcare Information Solutions. “In addition, our cloud-based archiving offers customers the ability to eliminate overhead costs related to storage system maintenance, upgrades, and equipment replacement while also providing remote disaster recovery.”

Compound annual growth for VNA storage worldwide from 2011 to 2016 is expected to be an impressive 59 percent, according to the report. The lifecycle management, disaster recovery, communications and security benefits of VNA will increasingly make this technology the preferred storage platform for medical imaging, the report states. 

The independent report identifies these minimum features of a VNA:

  • Support for multiple PACS vendors and systems
  • Non-DICOM data sharing
  • Clinical lifecycle management
  • DICOM and HL7 communication
  • Security  
  • Long-term archive and disaster recovery. 

Advanced features the report lists as desirable include: XDS registry and repository, storage virtualization, web-based access and zero-footprint viewing.

Carestream’s Vue for Vendor Neutral Archive consolidates disparate medical imaging systems into one repository using the latest interoperability standards. This archiving solution is available as an on-site installation or as a pay-per-use, cloud-based service. When combined with Carestream’s Vue Motion zero-footprint image viewer, clinicians and authorized users gain secure, real-time access to patient medical images and data.                                              


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