Carestream Fit For Screening Workshops Visit Poland

GENEVA, Switz., Sept. 25―For a number of years, Carestream’s popular Fit For Screening (FFS) workshop has visited Poland. This year’s workshop will take place in Warsaw on 19th-20th October and as usual will be presented by eminent clinician Prof. Dr. Roland Holland of the National Expert and Training Centre for Breast Cancer Screening in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The aim of the workshop is to help radiologists effectively analyse digital mammography images, with particular emphasis on diagnosing neoplastic changes at an early stage.

Using workstations equipped with CARESTREAM Vue PACS software, participants work independently, comparing changes in breasts which occur over time, and using a unique collection of mammography images collected by Professor Holland since the 1970’s. The images are of women who have been undergoing diagnostic screening for breast cancer every few years. In the case of a number of these women, very early neoplastic changes went undetected.

During the workshop training, radiologists compare tens of images and subject them to their own diagnostic assessment. An incorrect answer is then analysed. As a result of comparing a series of images it is possible to determine why and what kind of minor neoplastic change previously went unnoticed by the radiologist.

“Our aim is for Carestream Health, Poland, to have a permanent place in the calendar for these important workshops,” said Artur Borowski, Chairman of Carestream Health in Poland. “By running workshops with co-operation from the leading authorities in this field, Carestream will gain increased exposure as a trusted provider of mammography diagnostic solutions”.


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