UK Report Proves That CARESTREAM DRX Generates Productivity Gains And Cost Savings

GENEVA , Switzerland, September 5―An economic analysis commissioned by Carestream Health in the UK has concluded that upgrading to CARESTREAM DRX compared to continuing to use CR technology generates productivity gains and cost savings.

Data was drawn from Brighton and Sussex University NHS Trust, previous research by Carestream and expert opinion and the analysis was carried out by London-based Matrix Evidence. Two analytical models were run, for the CARESTREAM DRX-1 designed for an X-ray setting and the CARESTREAM DRX Mobile Retrofit Kit designed for mobile environments.

With healthcare budgets under pressure, replacing Computed Radiography (CR) technology with the latest Digital Radiography (DR) is expensive, and is estimated to cost approximately £250,000 per room and involve significant physical disruption. The research concludes that adding DRX detectors to existing CR capacity is not only a more affordable option, but that the upgrade can also generate productivity gains and cost savings to justify the investment.

In summary, the findings of the report were:
For an X-ray room unit operating at full capacity levels (100 per cent of its potential capacity or 10,057 procedures per year):

  • Upgrading to DRX, compared to continuing to use CR, reduces radiographer time required by up to 43 per cent or 664 hours. These hours amounted up to 0.43 full time radiographer savings, which in monetary terms equals £18,585 per room per year.
  • Assuming the hours of radiographer time saved are used to see more patients, an additional 7,543 procedures per room per year could be delivered (an increase in capacity of 75%)
  • Taking into account the cost of the investment, DRX can save up to £10,453 per room per year.

In addition to the economic analysis, evidence also suggests that the DRX detectors provide improved image quality and reduced radiation dose, in comparison to CR technology―benefits that can potentially lead to improved health outcomes.

“The results of the research clearly show that investment in CARESTREAM DRX offers a number of benefits both in financial and workflow terms,” said Jane Grimsley, European Marketing Manager for Digital Capture, Carestream Health. “Customers across the world are eagerly implementing innovative DRX solutions to help boost productivity and enhance patient care. To-date the company has sold more than 2,500 DRX detectors worldwide.”

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