Point-of-Care CT Solution For Otolaryngology and Allergy Practices

Carestream’s 100-Year Diagnostic Imaging Expertise Leads to Development of Reliable, Easy to Implement CS 9300 System

ATLANTA, GA, Sept. 8 — Carestream Health announced that is has received US market clearance from the FDA and has begun shipments of its new CS 9300, a point-of-care computed tomography (CT) system, to otolaryngology (ENT) and allergy practices in the US.

With its low acquisition and operating costs, the CS 9300 offers an excellent return on investment and provides practitioners immediate access to CT images, supporting faster, more accurate diagnosis and treatment. The system’s cone beam CT (CBCT) technology delivers up to 94 percent less radiation dose than conventional CT units, an especially important factor for pediatric patients and adult patients requiring multiple CT scans.

The CS 9300 is a complete, turnkey solution that includes the tools and services needed to successfully implement point-of-care CT imaging. One of the included services is comprehensive onsite and remote CT accreditation support provided by a leading expert in CT accreditation. CT accreditation support will include in-depth accreditation application support, policy and procedures, third party medical physicist services, quality control testing support, and the final review of accreditation application materials.

The flexibility of the CS 9300 is one of its most distinguishing features. The system offers users a broad range of image resolutions (0.09 mm to 0.5 mm slice thickness) and five selectable sinus and temporal bone fields of view ranging from 5 cm x 5 cm to 17 cm x 13.5 cm. The system also delivers higher resolution images than conventional CT units and other CBCT devices. This means physicians can visualize the fine bony structures of the temporal bone, such as middle ear structures, with surprising clarity. An additional one-shot, cephalometric imaging option is set for release for the CS 9300 later this year.

The CS 9300’s selectable fields of view limit radiation exposure by collimating the field of view down to the precise region of interest. This supports practitioners adhering to the ALARA Principle, or “As Low as Reasonably Achievable,” which dictates that every precaution should be taken to minimize radiation exposure for patients. Additionally, the system’s fast scan times (as low as 12 seconds) – as well as its ear, chin and forehead positioners – promote optimal image quality and lower the risk of retakes due to patient movement.

The CS 9300 will be compatible with most image-guided surgery systems and can easily be integrated with a PACS. It also will include cloud-based remote archiving and portal services. These services provide remote data backup and secure image access from virtually any PC.

In terms of usability, the CS 9300 features a compact, modern and open design that allows easy integration in most practices. With its ability to be used in both standing and seated positions, the CS 9300 is comfortable, too – accommodating patients of all sizes and those who use wheelchairs. The system offers multiple, pre-set sinus and temporal bone programs that minimize operator time when preparing for a scan, and the simple user interface speeds image viewing and management. The CS 9300’s intuitive imaging software has been customized for ENT applications.

“The CS 9300’s low purchase price and ease of implementation extend the benefits of point-of-care CT scanning — namely, faster diagnosis and treatment, low radiation exposure, improved patient convenience and increased revenue — to ENT and allergy practices of all sizes,” explained Karen Ruckman, Global Director, Growth Initiatives, Carestream Health. “Practices also will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a product built on a reliable point-of-care CT platform with more than 3,000 installations to date.”

New to ENT and allergy practices, Carestream Health, formerly Kodak’s Health Group, is leveraging its broad medical and dental imaging expertise. Recently, Frost and Sullivan named Carestream Health the 2010 Medical Imaging Company of the Year. Carestream Health also offers dependable installation, training, and technical support from a well-staffed call center and a team of more than 500 certified service providers experienced in serving office-based healthcare providers.


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