New MIN-R 2000 Plus Film

Mammography Film Delivers Gains in Image Quality While Providing Greater Processing Stability and Fewer Artifacts

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Aug. 18 — Carestream Health today launched an enhanced version of its popular KODAK MIN-R 2000 Film for mammography that delivers image quality enhancements along with improved processing stability and reduced processing artifacts. The new MIN-R 2000 Plus Film is being launched worldwide and is available for order in many countries including the United States and Canada.

The new mammography film offers advantages for MIN-R 2000 customers including:

  • Higher-D-max and mid-scale contrast
  • Cooler, bluer image tone favored by radiologists and mammographers
  • Reduced handling and processing artifacts; and
  • Greater stability and less sensitivity to processing variables.

For most applications, the new MIN-R 2000 Plus Film should not require changes to x-ray equipment or significant adjustments in exposure. The new film uses the same screens and cassettes as the KODAK MIN-R 2000 Film.

The double-emulsion MIN-R 2000 Plus Film is used with a single intensifying screen. It is compatible with all KODAK MIN-R Screens and can be used with orthochromatic mammographic screens from other manufacturers. For optimal results, healthcare facilities should use KODAK processing chemistries, screens, cassettes and processors.

Carestream Health offers a comprehensive portfolio of mammographic imaging solutions including its premium KODAK MIN-R EV Film, mid-tier MIN-R 2000 Plus Film and value-tier KODAK MIN-R S Film as well as digital imaging products. Its mammographic film systems are designed to address diverse imaging and processing needs worldwide.

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