Latest Advances In Radiology And IT Solutions at ECR 2011

VIENNA, March 4 ― At the European Congress of Radiology 2011, Carestream Health is showcasing a clear path to the leading edge of quality, productivity, cost containment and simplified workflows. Solutions on show include a range of innovation designed to offer enhanced productivity, added convenience, time saving and cost efficiency for clinicians and IT staff.
The following solutions will be amongst those featured on the Carestream booth.

User-Customisable RIS Platform
The latest RIS platform delivers tools for users to quickly and easily customise data capture and workflow changes. Being able to adapt RIS workflows can allow healthcare facilities to respond to new regulations as well as adjust processes to increase responsiveness to referring physicians and help boost revenues. The new RIS also delivers exceptional functionality including: built-in critical results reporting, peer review, integrated voice recognition, patient scheduling and tracking, structured reporting, document management, film tracking, interface for referring physicians (including optional exam ordering) and other features.

European Debut for PACS Mobile and Web Distribution Tools
New image management tools for PACS along with a zero-footprint, web-based portal for enterprise users and referring physicians, plus new mobile applications will be demonstrated.

CARESTREAM PACS, RIS, archiving and cardiology solutions deliver the powerful combination of a single vendor-neutral image management architecture and a single clinical client that addresses all imaging needs. These tools add to the existing SuperPACS™ capabilities, which unify multiple disparate PACS and RIS solutions under a single system, with an integrated, synchronised global worklist.

Carestream’s vendor neutral archiving solution, as an XDS repository, is now complemented by a new XDS registry capability, which enables care delivery organisations to efficiently provide better patient care by sharing clinical records seamlessly. Scalable and capable of handling multiple sources and formats, this archiving solution is available either as a repository onsite or offered as cloud services to provide lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

New Web Portal to Cloud-Based eHealth Services
Carestream Health’s innovative new cloud-based eHealth Portal Service equips healthcare providers that use the company’s remotely hosted archiving service to allow access to that data by any authorised user anywhere, anytime through a simple Internet connection. This provides an effective replacement to CDs and printing for the distribution of diagnostic results.

This new service is part of the Company’s industry-leading portfolio of cloud-based, fee-for-use services. These services enable cost-effective data sharing among distant healthcare providers and imaging centres that use disparate systems. This enables radiologists, referring physicians and other clinicians or staff to develop collaborative workflows in cloud communities for higher quality care. These services also deliver significant cost savings by lowering equipment and management costs while avoiding considerable capital investment in building an on-site data sharing infrastructure.

Expanded DRX Family Offers Outstanding Flexibility
The CARESTREAM DRX family now includes two detectors and the ability to use each detector in multiple environments. New software for all systems and both detectors offer an extended exposure mode (up to three seconds) that can be helpful when imaging obese patients as well as for cross-table and mobile exams. Images can automatically be rotated according to customer preferences to save time and enhance reading efficiency. The company’s tube and line visualisation feature is also available on all systems and both detectors.

As part of its portfolio of solutions for Digital Capture, Carestream Health will also showcase Quantum Medical Imaging’s Q-Rad Floor Mounted system, which is now available with the wireless, cassette-size CARESTREAM DRX-1 detector. This enhanced configuration is designed for high patient volumes within radiology departments, imaging centres, orthopedic facilities, surgery centres and urgent care clinics. Carestream Health will sell the system in international markets, including Europe, as the CARESTREAM DRX Q-Rad Floor Mounted System.

Mammography Portfolio
Carestream Health’s imaging and information management solutions deliver advanced mammography-specific features for its RIS and PACS platforms, a vendor-neutral, multi-modality breast imaging workstation and flexible digital capture and output systems.

The CARESTREAM Mammography Workstation is the cornerstone for highly productive workflow in many facilities worldwide. It enables diagnostic review of all breast imaging exams (FFDM, ultrasound, MR, CR and others) as well as all general radiology exams. This eliminates the need for radiologists to read FFDM exams on each vendor’s proprietary workstation, and then switch to additional workstations to review other types of breast and general radiology exams.

Carestream Health offers mammography-specific modules on its RIS and PACS platforms that deliver specialised reading tools, time-saving patient scheduling and communications techniques and streamlined reporting capabilities.
Also on show will be new premium screens for use with the company’s CR Mammography Feature which equips users of Carestream Health’s Classic, Elite, CR 850, CR 950 and CR 975 systems to perform high-resolution mammograms in addition to general radiography exams.

The CARESTREAM CR Mammography Cassette with SNP-M1 Screen provides exceptional overall image quality when compared to the company’s existing screens at the same, or lower, dose. When combined with enhanced image processing algorithms, the structured needle phosphor screen technology used in the SNP-M1 Screens delivers improved visualisation of micro-calcifications and higher DQE (detective quantum efficiency) to increase sharpness and decrease noise.

New DRYVIEW Printers
The Company will feature two new printers and one Work in Progress printer:

  • The CARESTREAM DRYVIEW CHROMA Imager as a Work in Progress ― this new tabletop printer will offer customers the versatility of printing diagnostic colour or greyscale medical images onto paper or film. It will support a diverse printing workflow from PACS, EMR, and all modalities as well as radiation therapy planning
  • The DRYVIEW 5700 ― an affordable new tabletop medical film imager that is ideal for printing from general imaging modalities
  • The DRYVIEW 6850 Laser Imager ― a new high volume film printer that delivers over 200 prints per hour at 650 pixel-per-inch resolution on every image, which enables printing from both traditional modalities and mammography studies.

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