Jagiellonian Medical College, Poland, Moves To Digital Radiography

GENEVA, Switz., November 24―As part of a digital upgrade of the X-ray Department, Carestream Health has installed two image capture solutions into the Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Department and Clinic at the Jagiellonian University Medical College, based in Zakopane, Poland. The project was funded by the Polish Science and Technology Fund.

A  CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution digital radiography system is installed to boost productivity and streamline workflow and is equipped to deliver long-length exams, often essential when imaging orthopaedic patients. The innovative wireless DRX detector at the heart of the system enables both image capture and review in seconds.

A single cassette  DIRECTVIEW Classic CR system is also installed to digitise and extend use of an existing analogue system. The CR cassettes can be used with this fixed system and also with a mobile X-ray unit in other areas of the hospital, avoiding the need for patients to be transported to the main X-ray department.

“The leap to digital radiography will enable us to carry out more precise diagnostics and will allow us to deliver world class treatment to patients,” said Prof. Daniel Zarzycki, MD, Ph.D. “It will also broaden our teaching and research activities.”    

The Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Department and Clinic of the Jagiellonian University Hospital offers a full range of orthopaedic treatment options to patients of all ages and is renowned in particular for spinal column surgery.  The hospital carries out close to 2,000 operations a year, with over 3,000 patients being hospitalised and approximately 18,000 patients using the services of the orthopaedic outpatient clinic annually.  Patients from all over the country us its services with over a third of all spinal operations in Poland carried out there. 


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