Cloud Service As Works In Progress at RSNA

CHICAGO, Nov. 27 — Carestream demonstrated a works-in-progress cloud-based portal* it is developing that will allow patients to access and view their own medical imaging data and share it with their physicians. This patient portal is designed to eliminate the cumbersome process of sharing patient imaging data using CDs, DVDs or radiographic film.

When available, this portal will be included in the family of CARESTREAM Vue for Cloud-Based Services that enables authorized physicians and radiologists to access patient data, imaging exams and radiology reports to provide consultations and subspecialty reading from any location.

“Rapid, electronic sharing of imaging data will empower patients to play an integral role in their own medical care and can enhance communication with physicians about diagnosis and treatment options,” said Hadas Padan, Carestream’s Director of Product Management, Healthcare Information Solutions. “When this service is available, it will help eliminate duplicate radiographic exams—which can reduce patients’ radiation exposure—and represents a substantial cost savings for patients, insurance companies and governments worldwide.”

The patient portal will enable a healthcare organization to generate a unique and secure log-in for each patient immediately after an exam. Patients will be able to manage and share imaging information with other physicians, specialists and healthcare facilities at no charge. The new works in progress was shown at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference.

Cloud-based sharing of medical imaging data can simultaneously improve patient care while eliminating the need for facilities to devote personnel and equipment resources to produce CDs, DVDs or radiographic film. Rapid, electronic access to imaging data is also much more convenient for referring physicians and specialists.

The new offering will join a family of cloud services that includes Vue Cloud PACS, Vue Cloud Archive, and Vue Cloud Community.

Carestream Health is a proven cloud-based services provider that manages 30 million studies (1 petabyte of data) in 10 different clouds worldwide. Carestream is an industry leader in the technologies, infrastructure and processes that deliver cloud-based services while ensuring the highest levels of data security and privacy.

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