Spotlighting Proven, Innovative DRX Family With Two Detectors, Three Systems

Company Promises Continued Enhancements to Meet Worldwide Demand For Wireless, Cassette-Size DR Detectors

CHICAGO, Nov. 28 — Carestream Health showcased its award-winning family of detectors and systems based on the wireless, cassette-size CARESTREAM DRX-1 at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America. Carestream Health is the only company that can offer a full family of options from CR to wireless, cassette-size detectors for existing x-ray rooms and mobile x-ray systems as well as fully automated DR suites.

In recognition of its innovative technological advances, Carestream Health was named Frost & Sullivan’s 2010 Medical Imaging Company of the year. The company’s DRX-based imaging systems enable healthcare providers worldwide to streamline overall imaging workflow, while simultaneously improving productivity and enhancing patient care. The company has sold more than 1,000 of its DRX-based systems since its highly successful launch.

The company’s current family of DRX imaging solutions includes: the CARESTREAM DRX-1 System, CARESTREAM DRX-Mobile Retrofit kit and CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution suite. The original DRX-1 detector is now complemented by a second detector, the cesium iodide-based CARESTREAM DRX-1C, that offers exceptional image quality and improved DQE (detective quantum efficiency). DRX detectors are integrated into Philips, GE, Siemens, Shimadzu, and other vendors’ room-based x-ray systems, as well as mobile x-ray systems from GE, Siemens and Shimadzu.

The DRX-1 and DRX-1C detectors improve patient positioning and comfort by eliminating cables and tethers typically required by most DR-based systems. DRX-based systems also offer significant cost savings by enabling healthcare providers to continue using existing x-ray rooms and mobile x-ray units. The automated DRX-Evolution suite is affordable, and its removable wireless detector delivers exceptional positioning flexibility and enhanced productivity.    

Another compelling advantage for DRX detectors is that they can be used in multiple systems at a facility. For example, a detector can be used in a mobile unit for early morning rounds at a hospital and then moved to a general radiology room for the rest of the day. Detectors can also be moved from day use in general radiology rooms to mobile units that serve the emergency department at night.

Software Offers Enhanced Visualization of Tubes, Lines  
Carestream Health’s DRX portfolio also includes innovative software that helps enhance care for patients in ED, ICU and surgical suites. The company’s Tube and Line Visualization feature uses the original exposure to display an enhanced companion image with more precise visualization of lines and tubes, which are typically difficult to view. This software is available for all DRX-based systems.

The DRX-1 system enables healthcare providers to convert existing analog film or CR rooms to DR in less than one day—and at a fraction of the price of remodeling an entire x-ray room. The company’s retrofit kit integrates the wireless detector with existing mobile x-ray systems to deliver immediate enterprise-wide image access to patient medical images.

The new CARESTREAM DRX-1C detector can be used with all three DRX-based imaging systems. Its exceptional image quality make it an ideal fit for general radiography exams including orthopedic, trauma, pediatric and other specialty environments.


About Carestream Health 
Carestream Health is a worldwide provider of dental and medical imaging systems and healthcare IT solutions; molecular imaging systems for the life science research and drug discovery/development market segments; and x-ray film and digital x-ray products for the non-
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