New Premium Screens For Use With Its CR Mammography Systems

New Screens with Structured Needle Phosphor Technology Are Combined with Advanced Software to Deliver Higher DQE, Improved Visualization

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 26 — Carestream Health has launched an optional upgrade for its CR-based mammography systems that includes advanced imaging processing software along with new premium screens that employ structured needle phosphor technology. These capabilities are available with new orders and as an upgrade to existing users of the company’s CR Mammography Feature, which equips users of the company’s Classic, Elite, CR 850, CR 950 and CR 975 systems to perform high-resolution mammograms in addition to general radiography exams.

The CARESTREAM CR Mammography Cassette with SNP-M1 Screen provides exceptional overall image quality when compared to the company’s existing screens at the same, or lower, dose. Available in both 18x24 cm and 24x30 cm sizes, these new screens are compatible with the more than 3,000 Carestream Health’s CR-based mammography systems installed worldwide.

When combined with enhanced image processing algorithms, the structured needle phosphor screen technology used in the SNP-M1 Screens delivers improved visualization of micro-calcifications and higher DQE (detective quantum efficiency) to increase sharpness and decrease noise. It also offers a lower dose solution than was previously available from Carestream Health.

Structured needle phosphor technology delivers a more uniform crystal size and orientation—along with a more sensitive and uniform phosphor layer coating—than traditional powder phosphor screens.

CR-based mammography systems are part of a full range of digital mammography solutions from Carestream Health, including mammography-specific modules and tools for RIS and PACS as well as CAD for its CR systems and laser imagers. (Not all products are available in all countries).

The company’s CR Mammography Feature has been implemented in clinics, breast imaging centers and hospitals throughout Canada, Europe, Greater Asia, Japan and Latin America.

The CARESTREAM CR Mammography Cassette with SNP-M1 Screens is not approved for sale in the United States.


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