Frost & Sullivan Presents Carestream Health With 2010 Europe New Product Innovation Award

Company is Recognised for Taking the Flexibility of DR Systems to Another Level with its DRX-1 System

GENEVA, June 16 ― Leading global research company Frost & Sullivan has presented Carestream Health with the 2010 European Digital Radiography New Product Innovation Award. Specifically, the award recognises development of the CARESTREAM DRX-1 System, the world’s first wireless cassette sized detector that is compatible with existing equipment to provide a cost effective and rapid upgrade path to digital radiography.

“We are honoured to receive this award from Frost & Sullivan,” said Tony Graule, Sales and Business Development Manager Europe, Digital Capture Solutions, Carestream Health. “Recognition of the introduction of the CARESTREAM DRX-1 System acknowledges our continuing advances in digital imaging technology. This innovation sets us apart from other companies because the DRX-1 is designed to solve the workflow and productivity challenges faced by healthcare providers every day. As a result the conversion to digital is easier, faster and more cost effective, which ultimately improves patient care.”

For the award Frost & Sullivan benchmarked Carestream Health against its competitors using five key criteria, with the citation for each stating the following:

Criterion 1: Innovative Element of the Product
Carestream’s DRX-1 panel allows facilities to go digital while still retaining their existing analogue system without the need for additional retrofits. Facilities can make the transition to digital by simply inserting the DRX-1 panel into their existing old buckys. Many DR retrofits require the bucky to be removed and replaced with a DR bucky or oversized bucky. However, this is not required with Carestream’s DRX-1 as it can be easily integrated into the existing equipment. The DRX-1 offers end users the workflow similar to that of a full DR system.

Criterion 2: Leverage Leading Edge Technologies in Product
The DRX-1 system consists of a console and a wireless cassette sized DR detector, which provides a rapid transition to digital for users of CR or conventional analogue systems. The system requires no modification to existing analogue or CR equipment. The DRX-1 system offers excellent image quality and improved workflow as it incorporates similar imaging software and image processing capability as that of Carestream’s DR and CR systems.

The DRX-1 fits conveniently into a conventional (35 x 43 cm) cassette bucky. Owing to its wireless capability, images can be transmitted to the PACS network without the need for cables. The DRX-1 panel can be used on a bucky, wall stand and table top configurations. Images can be previewed within 5 seconds and processed at the quality control console with a touch screen monitor. The detector can retain up to 90 images with a battery that holds charge up to 4 hours and therefore, a busy facility might require to recharge the battery just twice during which the facility can simply revert to CR or film-based operation to maintain productivity levels.

Criterion 3: Value Added Features/Benefits
Price has always been a retardant factor for the DR market, slowing the pace of growth. On the contrary, CR has enabled facilities to go digital at low costs but with the DRX-1 system, Carestream believes that the benefits are greater. DRX-1 is not only compatible with existing equipment but also is cost effective.

Criterion 4: Increased Customer ROI
The DRX-1 system will prove beneficial to end users who have recently purchased conventional systems and are yet keen on making the transition to digital. In that case, they need not do away with the existing equipment. Instead, they can upgrade to digital with the simple addition of the DRX-1 panel. Carestream offers the opportunity to acquire workflow similar to that of a DR system with the DRX-1 system, thereby providing greater productivity.

Criterion 5: Customer Acquisition/Penetration Potential
Carestream’s DRX-1 is designed for general radiography procedures, trauma and orthopedics. Since its launch in mid-2009, the response from end users to the innovative wireless detector has been outstanding. Carestream has received orders from healthcare facilities all over the world and has already begun catering to customers in the U.K, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic and the United states. Healthcare providers have shown keen interest in the system as it offers affordable and rapid conversion for facilities still using film or CR systems. It also provides an opportunity to improve workflow, productivity and image quality while still retaining existing equipment.


About Carestream Health
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