Carestream Health Showcases Latest Advances In Radiology And IT Solutions at ECR 2010

VIENNA, March 5 ― At the European Congress of Radiology 2010, Carestream Health is showcasing a range of innovative solutions designed to offer enhanced productivity, added convenience, time saving and cost efficiency for clinicians and IT staff. Solutions on show include:
Enhanced Vendor Neutral Archiving Solution
Carestream Health showcased the latest generation of its vendor-neutral CARESTREAM Clinical Data Archive, already an established component of the company’s data management business, with a worldwide base of installations.

This vendor neutral archiving solution delivers consolidated data storage and management for any data type, regardless of vendor. It enables healthcare providers to bring disparate PACS and a wide variety of DICOM and non-DICOM data sources from multiple sites into a shared, long-term data management solution that can streamline management tasks and reduce costs. Similar functionality is also offered as a service—CARESTREAM eHealth Managed Services—so that there is no equipment cost for the medical facility. 
Future PACS Features
Future upgrades to the latest PACS platform will be showcased as work in progress together with advanced capabilities of the latest Carestream Health RIS/PACS platform. 
Upgrades to the latest version of CARESTREAM PACS will equip radiologists with tools to enhance productivity by bringing reporting capabilities into a multi-site solution that already includes clinical information, image data and interpretation tools. These reporting capabilities will complement the existing ability of CARESTREAM PACS to perform cross-site reading through a unified global worklist. The new functionality will allow radiologists to add information such as key images, measurement results and other content directly into the report with the click of a button or through voice commands.

Shown at ECR for the first time will also be the company’s new web-based cardiology PACS that integrates seamlessly with the radiology PACS so that the same workstation can be used for diagnostic reading and clinical review of cardiology and radiology studies.
Latest CARESTREAM RIS Platform
Carestream Health is demonstrating a number of powerful productivity enhancing features for its latest RIS platform, which can help healthcare providers of all sizes realise greater efficiency and lower costs in their imaging workflow.  Benefits include, gains in productivity for schedulers, radiologists and managers; features that can be customized to streamline workflow throughout the enterprise and critical results reporting to help ensure the highest level of patient care. In addition, strategic management tools help providers analyse performance and maximise revenue opportunities.

SuperPACS™ Architecture Enables Cross-Site, Collaborative Workflow
Carestream Health’s SuperPACS™ Architecture streamlines radiology workflow by allowing radiologists in any on-site or remote location to read from a global worklist that provides a unified set of imaging studies created from multiple vendor PACS located throughout the enterprise. Using unique tunneling technology, data-intensive studies can be quickly delivered to radiologists on demand from any location, and do not require pre-fetching or pre-archiving of the image data to a central location. Instead patient information and metadata from existing archives are synchronised into a central database—avoiding the expensive and time-consuming migration of pixel data.

New DR Retrofit Kits 
This innovative retrofit kit will allow users to quickly and easily upgrade several vendors’ mobile X-ray generators with its wireless, cassette-size CARESTREAM DRX-1 detector for immediate digital image capture. The kit is a very affordable way for healthcare providers to convert conventional mobile X-ray systems from CR to DR and achieve valuable gains in workflow. The lightweight, wireless and durable DRX-1 detector can improve staff productivity, and make positioning more comfortable for critically ill patients compared to systems with heavier, tethered DR detectors.

Fully Automated DR Suite With Flexible, Wireless DRX-1 Detector 
The new modular CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution marries the flexibility of the industry’s first wireless, cassette-size detector with the productivity of a fully automated DR suite. Because the CARESTREAM DRX-1 detector offers virtually unlimited positioning and eliminates the need to move a patient around a fixed detector, healthcare facilities are able to
improve efficiency and enhance patient care. After selecting a patient from the worklist, an auto-positioning feature equips the system to position itself for the examination.

The thin, lightweight detector delivers enhanced patient comfort that is especially important for trauma cases. The detector can be removed from the Bucky tray for tabletop views and the system’s wall stand can be positioned by the table for cross-table views. Images are communicated over a secure wireless network and appear on the console in seconds.  
Laser Imagers for Mammography and General Radiography Applications
Three members of Carestream Health’s Digital Output portfolio will be on show:
DRYVIEW 5850 Laser Imaging System - A tabletop, low- to mid-volume laser imager providing 508 pixels-per-inch (ppi) output for full-field digital mammography (FFDM) and CR based mammography systems.

DRYVIEW 5800 Laser Imaging System - Prints up to 75 large format images per hour. Features 5 film sizes, with two film sizes online at any time and supports distributed applications including PACS, CT, MR, NM, US, CR and DR systems.

DRYVIEW 6800 Laser Imaging System – Offers on-demand printing with three film drawers and five film sizes and prints from a full range of modalities at up to 200 films per hour and 650 ppi resolution. An optional five bin sorter is available for easier retrieval of films by modality.

Women’s Healthcare Solutions
On show will be the recently launched EHR-M3 screens for Carestream Health’s CR mammography imaging systems that feature reduced noise and a higher detector quantum efficiency (DQE) for improved image quality. These screens will be available for use with all existing and new DIRECTVIEW CR Systems that are equipped with the company’s Mammography Feature.

Within the booth PACS area, Carestream Health will demonstrate mammography-specific modules on its RIS and PACS platforms that deliver specialised reading tools, time-saving patient scheduling and communications techniques and streamlined reporting capabilities. 
Series of Digital Mammography Self Assessment Workshops at ECR 2010

Outside of the show floor Carestream Health is running a series of free Digital Mammography Self-Assessment Workshops on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th March to help
healthcare professionals acquaint and train themselves in digital mammography reading. Eminent clinicians Roland Holland MD, PhD from the National Expert and Training Centre for
Breast Cancer Screening, Nijmegen and Ulrich Bick, MD, Department of Radiology, Charité-Universitätsmedizin (CCM) Berlin, will facilitate the workshops.

Participants may register for up to seven one-hour sessions. Each session starts with an introduction that includes the learning objectives, the method of reading and self-assessment. Participants will have 45 minutes to read the cases, then assess their own number of false positives and false negatives, and discuss the cases with the medical experts. Each module contains 30 selected screening mammography cases with a mix of biopsy proven positives and negatives. The modules are independent of each other and do not need to be completed sequentially. Participation is limited and early registration is advised. Visit for details of how to register on-line.


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