Carestream Health Highlights Family of DR Products Based on Wireless, Cassette-Size DRX-1 Detector

ATLANTA, March 1 — At the HIMSS conference, Carestream Health, Inc., displayed its CARESTREAM DRX-1  detector that forms the foundation for a highly productive family of DR products that includes: an affordable system to equip analog x-ray rooms with the latest DR technology; a fully automated DRX-Evolution suite that offers virtually unlimited patient positioning; and a work-in-progress DRX Mobile Retrofit Kit that integrates the DRX-1 detector into select Siemens and GE mobile x-ray systems to achieve more efficient imaging workflows.

Because the DRX-1 detector is both cassette-sized and wireless, it can be moved from one exam room to another, which delivers exceptional flexibility and cost-efficiency for healthcare providers. When the Retrofit Kit is available, facilities will be able to use the same detector in their mobile x-ray systems.

The DRX-1 enables facilities to quickly and affordably convert existing analog x-ray rooms from film- or CR-based radiography to the enhanced efficiency and image quality offered by DR technology. The DRX-1 detector is the same size as a 14 x 17 inch (35 x 43 cm) cassette, so it fits into existing Buckys and allows use of standard grids. Preview images are available in about six seconds and patient images can be transmitted to existing HIS/RIS or PACS systems over a secure wireless network.

The recently introduced DRX-Evolution combines the flexibility of the DRX-1 detector with the productivity of a fully automated DR suite. Healthcare facilities are able to improve efficiency and enhance patient care because the DRX-1 detector offers virtually unlimited positioning and eliminates the need to move a patient around a fixed detector. The lightweight DRX-1 detector delivers enhanced patient comfort that is especially important for trauma cases. The detector can be removed from the Bucky tray for tabletop views, and the DRX-Evolution system’s wall stand can be positioned by the table for cross table views. Images from either the table or the wall stand are communicated over a secure wireless network and appear on the console in seconds.
DRX Mobile Retrofit Kit in Development 

Carestream Health is developing a DRX Mobile Retrofit Kit that will allow users to quickly and easily upgrade several popular mobile x-ray systems to DR, and achieve valuable gains in workflow. The lightweight, wireless and durable DRX-1 detector can improve staff productivity, and will make positioning more comfortable for critically ill patients compared to systems with heavier, tethered DR detectors.

To support the imaging needs of ICU departments, Carestream Health will offer innovative software that can help enable more accurate diagnosis. Using the original exposure, the new software will display an enhanced image with more precise visualization of lines and tubes, which are typically difficult to view.

In addition to products based on its DRX-1 detector, Carestream Health offers several modular DR systems along with a comprehensive portfolio of single- and multi-cassette CR systems and tabletop CR systems. Carestream Health’s image processing software provides exceptional image quality, and a consistent user interface for the company’s CR and DR platforms improves technologist productivity and reduces the need for training. 


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