ayData NDT Archive for HPX Digital Systems


ayData NDT Archive for HPX Digital Systems

Carestream NDT and ayData Management, two global providers of NDT DICONDE data management have partnered to combine Carestream NDT HPX digital image acquisition products with the ayData NDT archive. Seamlessly integrating this powerful combination delivers a fast, easy, secure and reliable archive solution for NDT.
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ayData NDT Archive for HPX Digital Systems
NDT CR and DR Products

All-in-One Software for CR and DR

INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software operates seamlessly across all Carestream NDT CR and DR modalities. Customers can easily add the new detector to their tool set of imaging equipment without having to purchase and learn new software.

Add Security and Accessibility with ayData Archiving

ayData’s advanced indexing technologies provide reliable and secure storage, retrieval, and validation of DICONDE images. Utilizing a central database, searching by component, date, or inspector has never been easier. Leveraging the ayData NDT archive as a central digital film vault gives you quick access to historical inspection data and records. Reference prior inspection data for pre-inspection planning. Post-imaging analysis and reporting can be done by a central group and “in context”.
aycan Data Management

Features and Specifications

Easy to Integrate
  • Vendor agnostic, modular, and scalable architecture.
  • Compatibility and quick and easy integration with DICONDE hardware and NDT technology.
  • Central digital film repository for immediate access to all authorized Images.
  • Securely share with colleagues inside the plant or around the globe.
  • Automated verification to provide assurance to customers and auditors of image integrity and authenticity.
  • Access controls to limit inspector access on a “need to know” basis.
  • Backup options to provide copies of your image data and avoid loss.
  • Certified hardware options for long-term (20+ years) image retention.
  • Immediate availability of images to all individuals and departments involved.
  • Elimination of the many steps in film-handling.
  • Elimination of image loss.

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